Microwave analysers for sugar

Stable and reliable Brix Analysis for harsh environments in the sugar process

Modern digital microwave technology with remotely connected sensors and data management software

Microwave brix analyser

Inmec digital microwave analysers meet the highest industrial standards utilizing the latest Digital Microwave Technology. By choosing our Microwave Concentration and Brix sensors our customers can be sure that they are using the latest digital microwave technology, fast return on investment and reliability that can be used for years to come. In order to meet and surpass the growing demand for reliability, accuracy and long-term stability, Inmec has developed a new way to design, manufacture and deliver high quality process sensors. Headquartered in Kajaani, Finland, a city known as the Sensor city of Finland providing process control instrumentation for various process industries.

New wave, microwave

Inmec are the world leaders in high performance microwave sensor products, with all products based on the latest Digital Microwave Technology. Digital microwave technology and robust sensor design ensure that our clients are operating with sensors that provide the highest accuracy, reliability and stability over time. The outstanding stability of the sensors provide the tools needed in the most demanding industrial applications. In addition to meeting the most demanding requirements, Inmec takes pride in providing a user friendly interface, which combined with sophisticated and unique measuring algorithms guarantees high level of equipment reliability for years to come. Inmec provide the diamond standard in microwave measuring instruments. Customers span many diverse applications in the sugar, food, beverage and other industries. The sensors can operate in the harshest of industrial environments.

Model IL, in-line brix sensor

The Model IL, In-Line Brix Sensor inserts through a vessel wall sealed with quick coupling. The sensor provides highly representative and linear Brix measurement throughout a broad Brix range. It is an integrated, stand alone unit with 24VDC input and 4-20mA Brix output. Wiring is connected via a Connection unit. The most common application for the probe is crystallizer pan control. However, the IL is also applicable in large diameter pipelines, min. 130mm, to measure Brix of sugar juices on a broad range of 0-95 °Bx.

Technical overview:

  • In-Line model for vessel wall installation
  • Brix measuring range 0-95
  • 4-20mA output
  • Process insertion 224mm
  • Flange DN adapters
  • Custom flange adapters on request
  • Inline brix sensor
  • Microwave brix analyser
  • Brix measurement with microwaves
  • Concentration analyser for sugar
  • Liquid concentration measurement
  • Harsh environment brix measurement
  • Vacuum pan brix sensor
  • Crystallisation bowl brix sensor
  • Flow through cell brix analyser

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Microwave analysers for sugar

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