Total Package Oxygen Measurement

Total package Oxygen, True CO2 and Headspace volume provides the total package analysis which is critical for the beer and beverage industry. TPO is the measurement of the oxygen in the liquid phase (dissolved O2) and the gas phase (Headspace O2).


Total Package Analysis

Analysis of TPO provides the user with a good indication of how the process is performing and helps to determine the product quality and potential shelf life of that beer or beverage.


TPO analysis has typically been a measurement used in the beer industry, but with changes to traditional beverage portfolios with the addition of dairy and plant based beverages, TPO has also become an important parameter in the soft drink industry.

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System configuration

Maselli is a global leader in the analysis of liquids for the beer and beverage sector. The Maselli TP10 is a new approach to Total Package Analysis, the system is designed to work with the brewing and soft drink industry. The TP10 analyzer can be used with a wide variety of packages of various types, shapes and sizes. The package is placed in the TP10 analyzer which automatically pierces the container. Once the container is pierced the system measures the gas phase headspace volume, then analysis is made of CO₂, and O₂ concentration of both the liquid and headspace of the package. The TP10 houses a user-friendly interface that operates on a web-based software platform making data analysis quick and easy to access.


Intuitive control panel

The Maselli TP10 has a user-friendly control panel that and for ease of operation we have implemented a software platform that can be connected to the cloud for data transfer. The local display provides the operator with test data that can be easily exported. Using a hotspot embedded inside the unit the system can be remotely accessed through user password protected software interface.


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Remote connection

The TP10’s inbuilt hotspot can also be used for technicians to connect remotely for system commissioning, diagnosis and training. Due to the fact the system does not have to be connected to the customers network there are no data security risks for the user.

Multi container Sampling

The Maselli TP10 has the capability to sample from a wide variety of packages including glass bottles, PET bottles or cans. The package holder has been designed to accept all container types without the need for inserts or modification. The TP10 also has an inbuilt piercing device designed for continuous use.


Robust and reliable construction

The Maselli TP10 is designed to operate in a laboratory or at line in a production environment. Analysis modules are enclosed in a water-proof housing to IP67 standard. System

validations and sensor maintenance can be carried out easily due to the thoughtful design of the access to each modular component.


Innovations in analysis method

The Maselli TP10 houses 2 separate gas and liquid sample cells. The measurement includes extraction of the headspace gas into the gas sampling cell this allows the headspace volume to be measured very precisely which is required for the total package calculation. Inside the sample cell the system measures both the CO2 and O2 from the headspace. A sampling tube is then inserted into the container and liquid is drawn into the liquid sampling cell. The dissolved CO2 and O2 is then measured. Once the cycle is complete the sample flows to drain and the system is flushed for cleaning purposes.


Rapid Cycle time

The Maselli TP10 has been designed to work in fast paced beer and beverage production environments. Once the container is inserted into the analyzer the operator can walk away while the system carries out the measurement cycle. All results are available in less than 6 minutes and displayed on the control panel and can be sent to the cloud or database software in various formats.

  • Oxygen: Total Packaged O2
  • Headspace O2, Dissolved O2
  • CO2: CO2 P/T, True CO2
  • Head Space: HS Volume
  • Optical technology
  • All in one TPO and CO2 analyzer
  • Fast Measurement
  • Web Based Software
  • Robust Construction
  • Easy to operate
  • Low Maintenance


Sensory questions answered by our experts

High levels of oxygen in beer and beverages can influences the flavour of the beverage. This is due to oxidisation over time which also shortens the shelf life of the product.


This is a measurement of the total oxygen concentration in the packaged beverage. This is a combination of the dissolved oxygen in the liquid added to the oxygen in the gas phase which will be in the headspace of the bottle. Headspace is the area under the cap to the top of the liquid.


The TPO or Total Pack Oxygen accounts for the entire O2 in the package, an important parameter for quality control of beer and beverages.


Having the analysis of the total pack oxygen will allow the manufacturer to establish limitations so the product going to market is meeting specification,


TPO analysis allows diagnostics of the process, as samples can be taken from different points on the filler to check individual filler head performance. It allows you to establish an O2 specification for the filler. It will also help indicate which filling valves need attention.


TPO analysis will allow you to discover sources of Oxygen intrusion and also headspace pickup.


If you have high levels of oxygen on your beer or beverage package potential sources of contamination are poor purging of the air from the filling lines, leaking valves, seals or pumps. Bad container purging, air in the purge gas.


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