CO2 purity analysers

Turnkey solutions for your CO2 analysis during production, tanker loading, and delivery using UV and IR spectrophotometers

CO2 gas purity analysis for up to 48 gas impurities gives you and your customers peace of mind

CO2 Purity Analysers

Carboscan 300

Unisensor GmbH are manufacturers of high-tech process analytical instrumentation. Their product portfolio offers a wide range of systems for the beverage, gas and recycling industries. Working closely with industry Unisensor have developed a range of highly sophisticated analysers for the most challenging of applications in the industry.

The Carboscan range of products has been designed to meet the high standards of the beverage gas suppliers and beverage gas users across the globe. Beverage gas purity is a very important factor from a food safety perspective and the gas must be analysed at source to check for trace impurities. Testing must also take place at the beverage plant to assure the bottler f the CO2 purity when it is delivered to site.

The Carboscan range of gas purity analysers use full spectrum absorption technology. With a full scanning IR spectrophotometer and a UV full scanning spectrophotometer. All manner of gas impurities can be detected down to the minute trace levels required by industry.

The Carboscan 300 is a turnkey factory calibrated system designed for the online monitoring of CO2 gas for beverage gas suppliers. The system comes pre-configured and is mounted inside container where the gas analysis system and reporting modules are housed. Gas samples are taken from various locations around the CO2 production plant and contaminants are analysed to ppb levels. When a batch of CO2 is loaded into a truck for delivery the Carboscan 300 analyses the batch as it is loaded from the bulk tank to the truck. Once the load is complete a certificate of analysis is provided that can be given to the receiver at the bottling plant. The COA shows the purchaser the gas meets international standards for beverage gas.

As an additional layer of protection, the Carboscan 150 is a precise and fully automatic CO2 monitor designed to be located within the beverage bottling plant itself. When a truck of CO2 is delivered to site the Carboscan 150 will analyse the gas as it is loaded into the on-site storage tank. The system will then provide a batch report for the bottler, so they are assured the gas being delivered meets international standards for beverage grade CO2.

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CO2 Purity analysis questions answered by our experts

One of the largest users of CO2 is the beverage industry, where operators of beverage plants require high purity CO2 to be injected into the beverages. Other uses for CO2 are as a natural refrigerant or in the food industry, specifically in meat packaging where CO2 is injected into the package to keep the appearance of the meat red and expel oxygen.

CO2 is a colourless and odorless gas which is produced when burning hydrocarbon based substances, CO2 is also produced from fermentation sources and is also a by-product of fertiliser manufacturing industries and some chemical processes.

Rather than allow the gas from various CO2 producing sources to escape to the atmosphere, CO2 recovery technology is used to capture and filter the purify the gas to then be further used in industry. The level of filtering and purification will be dependent upon the end use for the gas.

There are various chemical methods for determining impurity levels as well as sensory tests like smell and appearance of CO2 Snow for example. However for accurate and reliable analysis of each potential contaminant this would be done via UV & IR spectroscopy. A system like the Carboscan 300 takes care to precisely and fully automatically monitor the CO2 gas for 48 possible contaminants.

The Carboscan is a full turn key solution and comes pre configured for the contaminants recommended for the gas source. The engineers will verify the calibration by using certified gases. Once installed the system will periodically and automatically run a validation cycle to ensure the system is always at peak performance. All data is recorded for traceability purposes.

Currently the Carboscan 300 can detect up to 48 different possible contaminants in CO2 gas. The amount of contaminants selected would be dependent on the clients requirements and the source of the CO2 gas. A full list of detectable components can be supplied, just connect with one of our friendly staff via our website chat to request a copy

JWII is the service partner for Unisensor GmBh in the Asia Pacific region. There is full service and spare part support in the region from our factory trained engineers. Carboscan units can also be connected remotely and this allows JWII engineers and also Unisenor technicians from Germany to provide remote support.

The Carboscan systems are designed to have 6 monthly service intervals, the service contract is entered into when the client purchases the system. The service is designed as preventative maintenance to ensure that the Carboscan system is operational 24/7. The service packages are designed so there is a stress free experience for the client, minimising downtime and maximising performance as Carboscan systems are typically for high demand usage.

Our library of detectable contaminants is being regularly updated and is based on the needs of the industry. We can normally add contaminant detection remotely by having one of our engineers connect to the system to upload the detection scalability and calibration.

All the system data is in a relational database for at least 2 years which is traceable and secure.

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