CO2 Purity Analysers

Unisensor GmbH are manufacturers of high-tech process analytical instrumentation. Their product portfolio offers a wide range of systems for the beverage, gas and recycling industries. Working closely with industry Unisensor have developed a range of highly sophisticated analysers for the most challenging of applications in the industry.

The Carboscan range of products has been designed to meet the high standards of the beverage gas suppliers and beverage gas users across the globe. Beverage gas purity is a very important factor from a food safety perspective and the gas must be analysed at source to check for trace impurities. Testing must also take place at the beverage plant to assure the bottler f the CO2 purity when it is delivered to site.

The Carboscan range of gas purity analysers use full spectrum absorption technology. With a full scanning IR spectrophotometer and a UV full scanning spectrophotometer. All manner of gas impurities can be detected down to the minute trace levels required by industry.

The Carboscan 300 is a turnkey factory calibrated system designed for the online monitoring of CO2 gas for beverage gas suppliers. The system comes pre-configured and is mounted inside container where the gas analysis system and reporting modules are housed. Gas samples are taken from various locations around the CO2 production plant and contaminants are analysed to ppb levels. When a batch of CO2 is loaded into a truck for delivery the Carboscan 300 analyses the batch as it is loaded from the bulk tank to the truck. Once the load is complete a certificate of analysis is provided that can be given to the receiver at the bottling plant. The COA shows the purchaser the gas meets international standards for beverage gas.

As an additional layer of protection, the Carboscan 150 is a precise and fully automatic CO2 monitor designed to be located within the beverage bottling plant itself. When a truck of CO2 is delivered to site the Carboscan 150 will analyse the gas as it is loaded into the on-site storage tank. The system will then provide a batch report for the bottler, so they are assured the gas being delivered meets international standards for beverage grade CO2.

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CO2 Gas Analysis

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