Industrial grade automatic samplers for powder liquids and slurry applications

Sentry Equipments liquid sampler range with our Isolok design

Sentry Equipment provides a wide and diverse range of liquid sampling systems including our famous Isolok sampler range of fixed volume liquid samplers. We provide samplers for many diverse applications including sanitary dairy sampling solutions through to food grade liquids, chemical and mining samplers. These can be used for viscous and non viscous liquids including slurry sampling. Our Sampling Equipment is all custom designed and built to the specific application requirements.

We also offer a wide range of Powder Sampling equipment and our range of automatic samplers for powders and granules covers a wide variety of applications, we can provide fixed point samplers, strip samplers as well as full cross cut sampling equipment.

You can always rely on a sentry sampler and JWII with our wide range of automatic sampling solutions, contact one of our experts today and we can help engineer a solution to your sampling requirements.

The Isolok design allows the sample to be captured and sampled without compromise. Delivering a true representation of the process make up. Sentry samplers can be used not only for liquids but also slurry sampling, powder sampling and bulk sampling.

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