Gas Detection Systems

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Gas Detection Systems

JWII have supplied Gas detection systems for over 40 years. With qualified technical staff to support all your gas detection needs. We can support clients Australia wide and have gas detectors in stock in our warehouse in Sydney for immediate delivery.

JWII represents the DEGA range of gas detectors, one of the leading gas detection suppliers in the world. We focus on high quality components and after sales support for the systems we supply.

JWII has been established as a technical unit marketing the “DEGA” Brand of gas and vapour detectors in Australia. We can design, supply and instal all the most popular systems for the detection of explosive and toxic gases and vapours.
Our company started in 1982, always specialising in the supply of high-quality analytical instrumentation and gas detection systems.
JWII develop, manufacture, test, design support, installation, and servicing of all the systems we supply. Technical consultation during the project stage is provided at no charge to our clients.
We can also incorporate alarm relay modules and the optical and acoustic alarms within the system design, we can also create complex and extensive emergency monitoring systems for industrial or domestic environments.
Our systems are capable of offering single, dual or multiple levels of detection for specified gases or vapours in the environment. We have systems designed for use in safe or hazardous & potentially explosive atmospheres.

Common applications for JWII are

  • Natural gas
  • Biogas
  • Propane-butane
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Ammonia
  • Acetylene
  • Gasoline and oil vapour
  • Freon
  • Toluene
  • Alcohol vapour
  • Oxygen
  • Chlorine
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Many Others

Using the JWII systems for the detection of gas leakage, and the leakage of organic vapours, provides a warning and emergency protection system for industrial, agricultural, Domestic, Commercial, or other premises where there is a risk of the leakage of combustible or toxic gasses.

Popular gas detection questions

These devices are designed to be mounted in an environment and looking for gas leakage or an increase or in some cases (Like Oxygen) a decrease in a certain type of gas. There are many types of gas detection sensors available based on various measurement principles. These range from Catalytic, electrochemical, Photoionization (PID) and Infrared types of sensor

There are many types of gas detectors available based on various measurement principles; these are able to measure a wide range of gases. We have a full list of gas types we can measure at

Gas detection systems come in various measuring principles from catalytic sensors, photoionization sensors, electrochemical, infrared and ultraviolet light.

Selection of the detector would be dependent on the gas to be measured and also the budget as some of these technologies can be costly. We can assist you with the gas detector technology you need. Just contact one of our experts for a free consultation at

Fixed gas detector are used for environmental monitoring in a fixed location. The systems are configured to monitor single or multiple gases fixed in place over the area of interest. The number of fixed detectors required can be calculated based on the volume of air in that area. Our experts can help you in sizing the system by making a site survey or survey of plans or drawings contact us at

A 4 gas detector is typically a portable device carried by site personnel. It will monitor 4 common components simultaneously, This will alert the wearer of any danger when entering or being in an environment for a period of time.

4 Gas detectors monitor the following:

  • %LEL flammable gas detection, this is the lower explosive limit which is a measurement of the lowest concentration of gas vapour that will burn in air.
  • Oxygen analysing the percent O2 in the atmosphere (Normal Air 20.9%).
  • Carbon Monoxide detecting the CO level in the atmosphere if above 100ppb in air an alarm is triggered.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S a poisonous, corrosive and combustable gas.

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