Aquatic Toxicity Testing

Cutting-edge bioluminescent analysis systems, leading in toxicity testing with unmatched expertise and innovation. Aqua Science delivers top-tier acute reagents and luminometer technology, backed by a dedicated team committed to quality.

Bioluminescent analysis systems from Aqua Science

We offer the latest generation of bioluminescent analysis systems from Aqua Science who are at the forefront of bioluminescent toxicity testing, offering unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions.

Introducing BioLight Toxy: The Future of Toxicity Testing

Experience the next generation of water toxicity testing with BioLight Toxy, a cutting-edge solution designed for accuracy and ease of use. BioLight Toxy, leveraging the power of Aliivibrio fischeri bacteria, offers a rapid, non-invasive, and reproducible method for detecting toxic substances in water, soil, and sediment samples.
Aquatic Toxicology Testing

Products: Designed for Excellence

Aqua Science’s product line includes the BioLight Multi and Single reagents, compatible with various luminometers such as the Microtox Model 500, Microtox LX, Microtox FX, and DeltaTox. These products are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of environmental monitoring, providing reliable and consistent results.

Bioluminescent Toxicity Testing: A Revolution in Environmental Monitoring

The bioluminescent toxicity testing methods from Aqua Science utilize the natural luminescence of Aliivibrio fischeri bacteria. This approach is invaluable for identifying unknown toxic agents, offering a rapid and user-friendly solution for environmental assessment and decision-making.
Bioluminescent Toxicity Testing: A Revolution in Environmental Monitoring

BioLight: One of the key aquatic toxicity testing methods

BioLight represents a bespoke set of bioluminescent bacteria reagents, consumables, and instruments tailored for acute toxicity testing. Capable of testing over 3600 chemical compounds simultaneously, BioLight Toxy delivers precise measurements of toxicity levels, enhancing environmental protection efforts.

ToxKits: Broadening the Scope of Ecotoxicity Testing

The range of ToxKits we offer extend the capabilities of toxicity monitoring across various applications, including aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. These kits adhere to international standards, offering a versatile solution for researchers and environmental professionals.
ToxKits: Broadening the Scope of Ecotoxicity Testing

Expertise at Your Service

J W Industrial Instruments along with the Aqua Science’s management team brings over 40 years of combined experience in water quality testing. Our knowledge and dedication to quality ensure that our customers can make rapid, informed decisions based on accurate test results.

Serving Critical Industries

We cater to a wide range of industries, including drinking water, wastewater, industrial water, environmental monitoring, and research. Our solutions provide early warning and protection against potential toxicity threats, safeguarding public health and the environment.
Serving Critical Industries

Drinking Water Safety: Our Priority

Our BioLight reagents and Toxy luminometer offer rapid, portable testing for drinking water sources, providing an essential layer of protection against acute toxicity threats. This capability is crucial for detecting potential contamination and ensuring the safety of drinking water.

Wastewater and Industrial Water: Ensuring Compliance

The testing solutions offered by Aqua Science play a vital role in managing industrial and wastewater treatment processes. By identifying acute toxicity, our products help facilities meet regulatory requirements and maintain operational efficiency.

Environmental Protection: Our Commitment

We are committed to supporting sediment toxicity testing and environmental assessment efforts. Our products aid in the remediation and monitoring of contaminated sites, contributing to the preservation of natural ecosystems.

Supporting Research and Innovation

Supporting Research and Innovation
Universities and research laboratories benefit from our bioluminescent toxicity testing solutions. Our products facilitate the study of new chemicals, water quality, and environmental impacts, advancing scientific knowledge and environmental stewardship.

Customer Satisfaction: Our Promise

Our customers’ testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence and service. From initial contact to product delivery, Aqua Science ensures a seamless experience, providing superior reagents that exceed expectations.

JWII and Aqua Science: Leading the Way in Bioluminescent Toxicity Testing

We are dedicated to advancing the field of water quality testing. Our expertise, innovative products, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us your trusted partner in environmental protection. Toxicity questions answered by our experts

Aqua Science Products

Toxicity questions answered by our experts

Toxicity refers to the effect of a substance on aquatic organisms, rather than to the concentration of the pollutants. In a typical toxicity test a marine organism is exposed to various dilutions of that substance to determine the critical concentration that will affect that species. Correlation studies are carried out to compare and correlate results from various types of marine organisms, for example fish, water fleas and luminescent bacteria.

Aquatic toxicology is a term typically used for research and studies into the effects of chemicals, wastewater runoff, natural materials and events, on aquatic organisms at various levels, These studies are carried out on all types of organism from subcellular through individual organisms to communities and ecosystems

Firstly a sample of the polluted water in question is collected. This sample is then exposed to aquatic organisms which provide useful markers of water toxicity and are used in many studies of this nature. In an Acute toxicity test the sample is made into a series of dilutions in order to determine an EC50 value, which is the level of pollution that causes 50% mortality of the sample species. Daphnia (common water fleas), and fish can be used but bioluminescent bacteria is typically the simplest way to determine this toxicity due to its reliability, size and ease of reconstitution on the field.

Aliivibrio fischeri (formerly known as Vibrio fischeri ) has bioluminescent properties. This is a useful organism for marine toxicity testing as it emits light as part of its respiratory system. Therefore the inhibition of light being emitted is a good indicator of the health of the bacteria. These bacteria are available in freeze dried form for ease of use in the series of BioLight reagents from Aqua Science.

Bioluminescence can be measured using a luminometer. These analyzers detect the light output from bioluminescent bacteria. These systems are usually bench mounted or come in portable versions for work in the field. Aqua Science make a range of luminometers for different applications in the research industry.

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