JWII provides a wide range of solutions including total package oxygen measurement systems, keg line monitoring systems, and inline & laboratory beer analysers, alcohol and dissolved CO2, inspection systems and other process and gas analysis systems. These technologies ensure critical quality control for oxygen levels, keg washing and filling processes, and comprehensive beer analysis.

Total Package Oxygen Measurement
Total package Oxygen, True CO2 and Headspace volume provides the total package analysis which is critical for the beer and beverage industry.
Keg Line Monitoring System
Monitor your Keg Line washing and filling system with the Rotech Keg. The simplest way to monitor and diagnose the entire Keg line.
Comprehensive range of flavour standards, sensory training, and sensory instruments from FlavorActiv a global leader in sensory solutions
Laboratory Carbonator
Precise laboratory scale carbonation in beverage samples. Ideal for research and development into new beverage flavours.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) dissolution technology
Molecular Processing Solutions “SubCarb” redefines the concept of beverage carbonation by its revolutionary patented technology for water and CSD carbonation at the molecular level.
Brix and % concentration for all parts of the sugar processing plant. Inline and laboratory solutions for the measurement of sugar liquor after crushing, and evaporated sugar concentration
Compact and highly accurate temperature loggers to monitor your pasteurisation cycle
Non-destructive CO2 measurement – in filled beverage containers
Inline liquid analysis of Brix, Refractiive Index and % concentration for process & quality control
JWII Pocket Brix Analyser
Handheld digital refractometer for everyday use with reliable and repeatable results
Carboguard CO2 Quality Incident Protection Systems with 5 Stage multi-barrier filtration
CO2 Purity Analysers
Turnkey solutions for your CO2 analysis during production, tanker loading, and delivery using UV and IR spectrophotometers
Fill level inspection
Automatic fill level control and rejection for beer, beverage, wine, food and pharmaceutical applications
Automatic cap torque testers
Automatic and semi automatic application and removal torque testers with high quality German design
Ultrasonic Defoaming
Water analysis in Lubrication, Hydraulic, Synthetic and Mineral Oils
Wide selection of instruments from hand held to fully automated in-line process brix analysers
Laboratory Refractometers
Liquid concentration analysis using refractive index technology for the measurement of Brix, RI and % in a diverse range of liquids, gels and slurries
Real Time analysis of beverages for process and quality control
inline & laboratory beer analysers
Rapid and reliable analysis results for process and quality control
Inline & Laboratory Beverage Analysers
A complete range of modular laboratory sensors for beverage analysis
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