JWII Premium Certified

JWII Premium Certified analyser offers you an economical way to get the best analytical equipment and cost saving benefits. All Analysers pass our electronic and mechanical 360 check and come with a verified history and guarantee of ongoing support. All JWII premium certified analysers come with a 6 month warranty and 6 month service free period. We provide free phone support for 12 months. We also provide start up assistance and training which is included in the initial purchase. So you can own the equipment needed for your process and get those ROI cost saving benefits even faster with the peace of mind of the JWII back up guarantee.

We also offer and easy pay solution where you can cover the cost in 2 or 4 easy payments over a 6 month period

JWII premium certified equipment is either X demonstration or fully refurbished systems which are restored to their original condition. The refurbished systems are worked on by factory trained engineers with many years of analytical instrumentation experience.

Premium Certified equipment

All JWII Premium Certified equipment comes with:

  • 360-Degree Technical and Functional Check
  • 6 month warranty.
  • 12 month phone support
  • Verified equipment history
  • Guarantee of future parts and support availability
  • Easy pay options

We have a number of pieces of equipment currently available please click on the link below the system to make an enquiry and one of our premium certified department team will contact you and provide more detail on the equipment and provide a quotation.

  • Used Analysers
  • Second hand analysers
  • Refurbished analysers
  • X-demonstration Analysers
  • Pre-Loved Analysers

Maselli UR24 Process refractometer

  • Condition – Used – Exhibition use only
  • History – Manufactured in 2018 never used in process, fully serviced
  • System Features – 216 Stainless Steel prism holder, 4-20mA output, RS485 Accuracy 0.15 Brix

Microtox Model 500 Analyser

  • Condition – Used – Laboratory use only
  • History – Manufactured in 2010, full service history
  • System Features – The Microtox® Model 500 (M500) analyser is a laboratory-based, temperature-controlled, self-calibrating photometer that measures acute toxicity.
  • Self-calibrating photometer
  • Biosensor-based measurement system
  • Detect toxicity of samples

FT System HF600 Fill Level Monitor

  • Condition – Used – Exhibition Use Only
  • History – Manufactured in 2016, full service history

System Features – For Glass and PET / HDPE containers The system inspects the fill level and the management of the rejection of underfilled or overfilled containers.

  • Fill level detection
  • Reject for underfilled containers
  • Reject for over filled containers
  • Comes with Push ejector

Moisttech IR3000 NIR Analyser

  • Condition – Used – Demonstration use only
  • History – Manufactured in 2014, fully refurbished

System Features

  • 16-bit conversion and 32-bit processing
  • Wavelength selection with each application
  • Advanced digital filtering for noise free
  • signal
  • Windows™ Operating Software
  • Standard Ethernet Output
  • 3 x 4 – 20 mA Outputs
  • Embedded PC
  • Optical Window Contamination Monitor
  • Pre-calibrated to your application

Common questions related to our premium certified analysers answered by our experts:

If I purchase a premium certified used analyser from JWII what is the warranty period?
JWII premium certified products are all covered by a 6 month parts and labour warranty.

What period of time can you guarantee parts will be available for the second hand analyser?
With JWII Premium certified equipment we guarantee that parts will be available for 5 years after purchase.

If I want to trade my second hand JWII premium analyser in for a new model later, can I do that ?
Yes we offer all our premium certified customers the option to upgrade to a new version and offer trade in incentives to do so.

Can I purchase the system over a period of time with multiple payments?
Yes we offer easy pay with JWII premium certified purchases where you can pay on 2 or 4 easy payments over a pre agreed month period. should say at the end – where you can pay in 2 or 4 easy payments over a pre agreed period.

If I want to purchase over a 12 month period is that possible?
Yes we offer a 12 month payment plan which typically adds 20% to the overall purchase cost.

How can I get a quotation on one of JWII’s premium certified analysers?
Please click the enquire now or Chat button and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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