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Steinfurth specialise in the design and manufacture of electronic and mechanical measuring instruments. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience Steinfurth has established itself as the market leader when it comes to testing instruments for the beverage industry, packaging industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industries. Working together with some of the world’s leading brands Steinfurth has designed very innovative and technical solutions for some of industry’s most difficult problems.

Since the company’s foundation Steinfurth has always listened to the market needs, adapting its technology to meet the growing needs of the market. Reacting quickly to market trends and customer requests to design specific solutions has always been Steinfurth’s strength.

The systems manufactured by Steinfurth are designed around global standards and are approved testing methods including measurement for Torque testing, CO2 testing, Package testing, logging systems, carbonation systems, laboratory shakers and beer analysis.

Package testing systems have always been at the forefront of Steinfurth’s product range and devices for the measurement of cap removal torque has been one of the company’s leading technologies. Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers must make sure that the application torque and removal torque of their caps is correct.


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With today’s packaging designs the need for highly accurate torque testing has seen a trend of moving away from manual torque testing methods to fully automated systems. The automatic torque testers help eliminate human error and make the test more repeatable and reliable. They also have the added benefit of not having to completely remove the cap to give the peak removal torque. So an opening torque value can be provided, then the cap closed again without the loss of CO2 saving the product so it can be returned to the line and onto the consumer as this becomes a non-destructive test.

Cap manufacturers also need diagnostic tools to help them in the design of specific caps for various applications. Steinfuth have a special version of their automatic torque tester for this purpose, the OPT180. This device is an opening performance tester, designed to monitor the opening performance of a cap in the design phase. This allows the cap manufacturer to test the same cap with varying amounts of pressure and monitoring the performance at each stage using specialised software.

Steinfurth also manufactures a range of systems for the calibration and validation of torque measuring systems. This consists of certified weights and a standard bottle that has a fixed torque value. All items come with traceable certification meeting international standards.

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Typical bottle cap torque tester questions answered by our experts

There are various types of torque tester for bottle caps. Manual units work by measuring the force needed to open a cap by hand. Automatic torque testers use a chuck to grip the cap and a direct drive motor to turn the cap. Both versions use a torque sensor or load cell, these torque sensors change in resistance and electrical output depending on the force applied to them.
An automatic torque tester is a device for measuring the opening and closing torque of a bottle cap. These devices use a load cell or torque sensor and a direct drive motor to measure the precise amount of force needed to open and close the bottle cap. These devices are especially useful for beverage producers to ascertain if the capping machinery is correctly applying the cap to the bottle.
If a cap is mis applied to a package or under torqued it can lead to loss of CO2 from the package in the case of a carbonated beverage, or spoiling of the product inside the package due to ingress of air. If the cap is over torqued it can also lead to leakage, but also makes it difficult for the consumer to open the package. For each type of cap there is an optimum torque range recommended by the cap manufacturer.
Removal torque or the opening torque of a cap is measured with a manual or automatic torque tester. These devices measure the amount of force needed to open or remove the cap.
Yes an automatic torque tester can measure the torque in both directions. One of the benefits of using an automatic tester is you can make an open and close without loss measurement. As the maximum opening torque is usually within the first 30 degrees of opening a cap the automatic torque tester can measure this maximum opening torque then close the cap again to the correct torque without loosing the gas inside the package. This means the product can be returned to production and sold rather than be wasted.
This will depend on the cap type and design and also the product inside the package. Typically for a bottle of carbonated beverage to be opened easily by the consumer the caps are designed to require an opening torque of 12 in/lbs or 13.8 kg/cm.
The main benefit of using an automated torque tester over a manual version is the consistency of the measurement. The automated torque tester uses a direct drive motor and a chick to grip the cap in the same way every time, so you have consistency. Manual methods can be affected by human error, slippage on the cap grip, the different strength of the operator and also the amount they manual operator pushes down on the cap.
Top load is a term referring to the amount of weight that a consumer would push down on a cap as they open it. Automatic torque testers can be set with various top loads to simulate different top load scenarios. i.e if a child is opening the bottle rather than an adult for example. Top loads vary from 1kg of downforce up to 4-5kg.

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