If you bond on the molecular level CO2 and the liquid in the form of gas, then you receive the best dissolution of gas in the liquid.

Product Description

SubCarb does not only produce high-accuracy inline carbonation on any carbonated beverage filling line brand and model. SubCarb is a patented technology designed to minimize both electricity and CO2 consumption, reduce long-term CAPEX needs, dramatically improve the quality of carbonation in the process, and improve the environmental impact. The upgrade offers an exceptionally good ROI at the same time.

Our technology allows carbonation of beverages and water at ultra-high temperatures of up to +23°C (+69°F) and lower carbonation pressures than any other systems. This guarantees significant savings on electricity and CO2. The drink does not foam on the filling machine or foams significantly less. Soft-drinks are drastically more stable through consumption and shelf-life.

The dissolution of CO2 at the molecular level produces very fine bubbles, which is an indirect indicator of the quality of carbonation. Consistent dissolved CO2 is an important measure of product quality and taste.

Existing technologies such as Venturi, Vortex, any innovative spray/nozzle variants and etc. the liquid in a liquid-phase is mixed with CO2 in gas-phase. SubCarb ensures that gas – С02 is mixed with gas – gaseous beverage, thus ensuring bonding at the molecular level with the surface of mass transfer 10 000 – 12 000 times larger than other technologies.

SubCarb technology is a compact self-contained patented device, which is of modular design. There is no need to halt production for any long period to install it. The unique straight-forward design of the device makes it maintenance free. The upgrade is easy and reliably performed on any beverage mixer, carbonator, blender, and any carbonating system in the market.


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