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JW Industrial Instruments Pty Ltd (est.1982), a wholly Australian-owned enterprise, specialises in the provision of advanced analytical instrumentation along with other complementary technologies. Our portfolio encompasses both inline and laboratory-based solutions, designed to assist manufacturing entities in consistently monitoring product quality throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

At JWII, we emphasise the integration of  technological solutions to align with the evolving demands of our clientele. Furthermore, we’re committed to scouting and introducing the most innovative, state-of-the-art technologies to the market.

One of the pillars of our longstanding success is our unparalleled after-sales support and service. We take pride in our capability to provide comprehensive system support for every instrument we distribute, ensuring that our clients receive dedicated assistance locally.

Our Expertise

Since 1982 JWII has been providing industrial analysis solutions to our clients. Using our wide range of products, software and engineering capabilities, JWII can help you solve even the most challenging process monitoring and control problems.

JWII 40 Years Anniversary
Industrial Gas Analysers
A wide range of Oxygen Analyser Technologies to meet the growing needs of Industry.
Aquatic Toxicology Testing
Cutting-edge bioluminescent analysis systems, leading in toxicity testing with unmatched expertise and innovation. Aqua Science delivers top-tier acute reagents and luminometer technology, backed by a dedicated team committed to quality.
Total Package Oxygen Measurement
Total package Oxygen, True CO2 and Headspace volume provides the total package analysis which is critical for the beer and beverage industry.
Keg Line Monitoring System
Monitor your Keg Line washing and filling system with the Rotech Keg. The simplest way to monitor and diagnose the entire Keg line.
Comprehensive range of flavour standards, sensory training, and sensory instruments from FlavorActiv a global leader in sensory solutions
Laboratory Carbonator
Precise laboratory scale carbonation in beverage samples. Ideal for research and development into new beverage flavours.
Water Detection in Oil and Fuel
Inline water in oil and fuel analysis with fast, accurate measurements. Designed with industry in mind for hazardous and non-hazardous environments.
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) dissolution technology
Molecular Processing Solutions “SubCarb” redefines the concept of beverage carbonation by its revolutionary patented technology for water and CSD carbonation at the molecular level.
Wheat grains in hands
Inline and portable spectrophotometers using diode array technology with a wide range of applications for grain and oilseed producers. Pre calibrated and designed to measure ash, moisture, protein, oil and other key parameters simultaneously at high speed and in real time.
Brix and % concentration for all parts of the sugar processing plant. Inline and laboratory solutions for the measurement of sugar liquor after crushing, and evaporated sugar concentration
Inline NIR Spectrometer
Inline spectrophotometers using diode array technology with a wide range of applications in the Agricultural, Food, Industrial and Chemical sectors. Pre calibrated and designed to measure multiple parameters simultaneously at high speed in real time online.
Portable NIR Spectrometer
Portable and online spectrophotometers using diode array technology with a wide range of applications in the Agricultural, Food, Industrial and Chemical sectors. Pre calibrated and designed to measure multiple parameters simultaneously at high speed.
Online Moisture Analysers
MoistTech – Helping to increase efficiency and reduce human error using Online moisture measurement systems.
powder sampler
Custom designed powder samplers to suit all types of powder sampling needs
Compact and highly accurate temperature loggers to monitor your pasteurisation cycle
Wine analyser
Grape analysis solutions for the wine industry in the receiving area, fermentation and final wine processing and packaging
Industrial grade automatic samplers for slurry applications
Non-destructive CO2 measurement – in filled beverage containers
Microtox water toxicity testing system for rapid sample analysis from various water sources
Established supplier of world leading gas detectors focussing on the highest quality components
Inline liquid analysis of Brix, Refractiive Index and % concentration for process & quality control
Industrial grade automatic samplers for slurry applications
JWII Pocket Brix Analyser
Handheld digital refractometer for everyday use with reliable and repeatable results
Carboguard CO2 Quality Incident Protection Systems with 5 Stage multi-barrier filtration
CO2 Purity Analysers
Turnkey solutions for your CO2 analysis during production, tanker loading, and delivery using UV and IR spectrophotometers
Bulk solids level sensors providing safe, reliable level detection and control in all silo and vessel types
Fill level inspection
Automatic fill level control and rejection for beer, beverage, wine, food and pharmaceutical applications
Automatic cap torque testers
Automatic and semi automatic application and removal torque testers with high quality German design
Ultrasonic Defoaming
Water analysis in Lubrication, Hydraulic, Synthetic and Mineral Oils
Single, Dual and Multi Wavelength non contact temperature measurement for industrial applications
Water analysis in Lubrication, Hydraulic, Synthetic and Mineral Oils
Stable and reliable Brix Analysis for harsh environments in the sugar process
Wide selection of instruments from hand held to fully automated in-line process brix analysers
Laboratory Refractometers
Liquid concentration analysis using refractive index technology for the measurement of Brix, RI and % in a diverse range of liquids, gels and slurries
NIR (near-infrared) moisture analysers
Moisttech – World Leader in Moisture Measurement and Control. JWII have over 40 years experience supplying moisture analysers to Industry
for powder liquids and slurry applications
Real Time analysis of beverages for process and quality control
inline & laboratory beer analysers
Rapid and reliable analysis results for process and quality control
Inline & Laboratory Beverage Analysers
A complete range of modular laboratory sensors for beverage analysis
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Our broad range of products will help enable you to monitor, analyse and minimise potential error factors in your process. Click below to see our application portfolio.

Our Services

We offer both in house and field service on our entire range. We can also service third party equipment.

We have full time field service personnel for on site service, support and system commissioning.

Our engineers can also assist in the selection of equipment and provide consultation on installation location, connection and data collection.

Our Products

Offering some of the worlds leading industry brands JWII has a wide portfolio and innovative range of complimentary technologies to meet your process needs.

Our analytical solutions are suitable for a broad range of industries covering the entire manufacturing base. We have applications in many diverse industries from Food and Beverage through to Mining and Minerals and all the industries in between.

Ask Quotation

One of our team is here to help feel free to contact us by phone, Whatsapp or our Chat right here on the web site. Our dedicated team are standing by to assist.


02 9486 3501

Sales and service of process analytical instrumentation and inspection systems

Est. 1982 J W Industrial Instruments Pty Ltd specialises in sales and service of Process Analytical Instrumentation and Inspection Systems. With over 40 years’ experience our team has built up a wide range of knowledge on all aspects of the equipment we offer, allowing us to assist customers to select the right equipment for their process and laboratory environment.

Our goal at JWII is to bring the latest available technology to Australian Manufacturers. Making sure this is done at the same time a technology is available in the rest of the world is important to us. In the pioneering Australian spirit on many occasions our great clients have supported us to bring it here first, to be the first installation of a new technology in the world. 

JWII are fortunate to have partnered with some of the leading players in the Industry, offering a wide range of complimentary products to our customers. As technology evolves we are always adding new and exciting products to our range. In times where Sustainability, Industry 4.0, digital connectivity, and IIoT are in the forefront of our clients minds, we offer connected technologies that are able to take process monitoring and control forward, and to the next level .

JWII are total solution provider and proud to be Australian owned and operated

Sean Herrington,

Founding Partner, CEO of JWII

Why People Trust Us

After 40 years in the industry JWII have a reputation for client support. We pride ourselves on being able to offer local backup and help where its needed most…right here in Australia

High Quality Instruments

Quality, Precision and Accuracy are key elements in the equipment we supply. All our equipment comes with fully backed manufacturers warranties, so our clients have peace of mind.

Unmatched Expertise

35 Years in industry gives us a broad knowledge of market needs and expectations. We offer no obligation free advice to assist existing and new clients in the selection of equipment for their process needs.

Data Management

We help our clients collect, record and store their precious data. We can do that with on board data collection, connectivity to data servers or the cloud. In todays digital world remote access to process data and data sharing are key to business success.

Qualified Staff

Whether its an Technical consultation, service, spare part or accounting enquiry our fully qualified and professional staff are here to help. Our team of engineers and account managers are here to help whatever your needs.


Senior Control Specialist

Water Corporation

Great equipment and support from JWII, we have partnered with them for many years for our on line analytical needs.

Quality Manager

Australian Brewery

We have had a long relationship with JWII, we find them knowledgable and always willing to help.

Maintenance Manager

Leading Soft Drink Manufacturer

JWII have provided us with some great and very innovative technologies over the years, staff are always very friendly and support within a timely manner.

Project Manager

Leading Food Casing Manufacturer

We have used on line analysers from JWII for over 20 years and upgraded to the new technology has been released, our main reason for using JWII is the ability to have online support via multiple platforms and onsite support locally.

Site Manager

Building Products Supplier

We are very happy with the equipment supplied by JWII, the commissioning and start up was handled efficiently using remote access, we were very impressed with how JWII adapted under the circumstances.

Plant Manager

Leading Gas Supplier

JWII have been supporting our systems for a number of years now and we have no issues with their service. They provide spares to us quickly and service bi-annually our gas purity analysers.

Get One Step Ahead

Improve your production process with our range of analytical solutions, we test from process line to laboratory, providing real time data along the way.

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