Level sensors for solids

Bulk solids level sensors providing safe, reliable level detection and control in all silo and vessel types

Technologies ranging from Radar, Guided Wave, Ultrasonic, Capacitance, Vibration and Rotating Paddle

Ultrasonic level measurement

The Emerson range of level transmitters and switches from Rosemount can meet the needs of even the most demanding solid level measurement applications. JWII are proud to have this product line as part of our portfolio to offer our clients with solids level applications.

By selecting the Emerson Rosemount level sensors our customers can be sure that they are using the latest level sensing technology, that is dependable, straightforward and easy. Our solutions provide fast return on investment and robust designs that can be used for years to come. 

The Rosemount 5408 Non-Contact radar level transmitter is designed to provide accurate, reliable radar level measurements using a two wire FMCW technology. The Rosemount 5408 emits a continuous echo which maximises the signal strength thus producing and far more robust and reliable measurement. 

Ease-of-use has been a primary goal in the design of the sensor and with our intuitive software interface, the customer. Experience has been enhanced as the software guides the operator through installing, commissioning and maintenance of the device.

The system is designed with safety in mind and as some applications are in hazardous locations the system is fully accredited with IEC61508 for SIL 2 applications. The Rosemount 5401:SIS model reduces the cost of risk with its increased efficiency that protects people and the environment.

With 40 years of continuous development of FMCW technology Rosemount have a new generation of non-contacting radars that are more reliable, safe and easy to use. 

Level measurement is required in a broad range of applications including fine powders where a powder level sensor is required such as coffee powder, powdered milk, chocolate powder also typical dry material level sensors for solids and granular material such as salt, sugar, wheat, flour, grain and others including plastic pellets, chemical powders or cement for example.

JWII offer and entire range of solids level solutions covering a broad range of technologies including Radar level sensors, ultrasonic level sensors, guided wave level sensors, level switches for solids including vibrating fork, rotating paddle, vibrating rod and capacitive level sensor probes. Please contact one of our staff to discuss your solids level measurement requirements.

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