JWII’s environmental technologies include aquatic toxicity testing systems, gas detection systems, water in oil analysis as well as gas filtration. These solutions are crucial for monitoring water quality and detecting hazardous gases, ensuring environmental safety and compliance.

Aquatic Toxicology Testing
Cutting-edge bioluminescent analysis systems, leading in toxicity testing with unmatched expertise and innovation. Aqua Science delivers top-tier acute reagents and luminometer technology, backed by a dedicated team committed to quality.
Water Detection in Oil and Fuel
Inline water in oil and fuel analysis with fast, accurate measurements. Designed with industry in mind for hazardous and non-hazardous environments.
Microtox water toxicity testing system for rapid sample analysis from various water sources
Established supplier of world leading gas detectors focussing on the highest quality components
Carboguard CO2 Quality Incident Protection Systems with 5 Stage multi-barrier filtration
Water analysis in Lubrication, Hydraulic, Synthetic and Mineral Oils
for powder liquids and slurry applications
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