Model IL, In-Line Brix Sensor

Model IL, In-Line Brix Sensor

Product Description

Model IL applications
Model IL In-Line sensor is applicable for a large variety of Brix measurement needs throughout the sugar manufacturing and refining processes, where a wide measuring range and high stability are appreciated. The Most common application is vacuum pan Brix control. Precise and consistent seeding control is crucial in order to obtain high crystal quality, high yield and reduced energy costs. The IL sensor is also applicable in all large diameter pipeline cases where flow through models may not be a useful choice.

  • Vacuum pans
  • Evaporators
  • Thick juice Brix
  • Liquid sugar products

Model IL delivery includes

  • IL Sensor
  • Installation parts (Quick Coupling, Weld Nozzle, O-ring gasket)
  • Connection unit
  • 4G/Lan Industrial router, embedded in connection unit
  • Sensor cable, 10m. See 50 m version at Accessories

Model IL adapters and pricing:

  • DN65/PN6 (380e)
  • DN65-PN10/16 (420e)
  • DN65-PN25 (480e)
  • DN80-PN16 (480e)

Remote commissioning:
JWII offers remote commissioning services using a network connection this is the fastest and most cost-efficient way of commissioning our sensors. The analysers arrive and have auto-calibration functions built inside the sensors. If a mill person is starting up a sensor, our engineers will be available to provide necessary assistance and training.

On-site Commissioning:
JWII commissioning and service personnel are available to assist our customers with any issue at mill site if needed. Our service department are available for system support and service in any part of Australia.


Optional Accessory Operating Tablet

Tablet features:

  • 8” display, Resolution 800*1280
  • Rugged structure
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Cellular connectivity, optional
  • Bluetooth BT4.1
  • USB connection to the Sensor Connection unit
  • Runs Inmec Operating software
  • Automatic sensor ID detection
  • Manages all Inmec sensors of a mill


As an industry leader, JWII can deliver a great deal of relevant knowledge to customers seeking a wide variety of products and applications. We have the tools and people necessary to provide impactful solutions and, with a long track record of success, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide continuous support to a diverse customer base, spanning several continents and markets.

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repair and Modifications
  • Modification of existing installations
  • Emergency Repair
  • Commissioning
  • Site Services
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