Maselli LP Series – At Line and Laboratory Beverage Analysers

The LP series is a complete range of optical sensors studied for the beer industry. We provide modules for the analysis of Refractive Index, Brix, % Diet , Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen PH and Conductivity.

The design is modular: the system can be composed of different analysis modules based on the applications needs and all connected by a single touch screen control panel that can also be connected to a network via Ethernet, and to a PC running our Multilab software for historical data collection.

The system is fully upgradable so the initial configuration can be expanded with additional analysis modules at any time. The system can be used as a bench top analyser, and a fully automatic sampler is available for sampling directly from beverage containers under pressure operating with cans, PET and Glass Bottles.

The system is user friendly and ergonomically designed skilled operators are not required to operate the system. The system is solid state optical technology which means the maintenance is minimal. The system is calibrated using certified solutions provided by Maselli.

Beverage Analysers

Maselli have been manufacturing liquid concentration analysers since 1948. Beverage manufacturers require analysis of many parameters during the beverage making process. From the measurement of the Syrup to the Final Beverage there are many applications for the Maselli Inline beverage analyser. With its unique modular construction the Beverage analyser can be designed with the required analysis modules to build a system meeting each applications needs. We provide modules for the analysis of Refractive Index, Brix, % Diet, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, PH and Conductivity.

The Maselli Beverage Analyser range IB07 is the only 100% inline system for continuous analysis of Soft Drink. Because the system was designed to be installed directly into the process line with Tri-Clamp fittings, there is no bypass loops or pumps. This design guarantees the best sanitary conditions eliminating any risk of contamination and this also reduces installation cost. 

The IB08 version of the beverage analyser can be located and connected directly to the line or the buffer tank. With this installation the analyser can be used at the beginning of production when the line is being primed. This saves time at start up and also allowing for the “pump and run” concept where the line can be started automatically. Time is money in beverage production so the Maselli range helps the decerning bottler get a fast return on investmnent.

The sensors connect directly to our user-friendly controllers that display results locally for the operator and can be connected to the plant control system via various output protocols including, Ethernet, Profibus and Devicenet for process control. The system is fully networkable and can be connected to a PC running our Multilab software for data collection. 

The Maselli system is a true inline beverage analyser providing rapid and reliable analysis results for process and quality control. The analysers are all solid state with no moving parts making them robust and practically maintenance free.

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Beverage Analysers