Headspace Analyser

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Headspace Analysers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Flexible and rigid pack headspace analysers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

Headspace Analyser

Automated package sample is made easy with the GS6000 headspace analyser. Measurement time is selectable via a friendly interface which provides great flexibility for a large variety of products. The system comes with and integrated sample wand, simply insert the sampling needle into the package and press test to start. The GS6000 does the rest; taking the sample, analyzing the headspace and displaying the results on the bright easy to view display.

The GS6000 can auto calibrate without requiring external gas, display is autoranging, with an in built flow sample controller, test duration and many other functions to ensure consistent, error-free results. Response time is less than five seconds for oxygen and ten seconds for carbon dioxide.

The GS6000 can be configured as an Oxygen analyser and where applicable a Carbon Dioxide Analyser module can be added, so the gases can be analysed simultaneously. Accessories are also available for rigid packs and a can piercing device or rigid pack sampler is available.

The analyser can be used for any type of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) from small pharmaceutical vials, flexible packaging, rigid cans and carbonated beverages to name a few.

Residual oxygen analysis is the most common use of the system when the Modified Atmosphere package (MAP) is flushed with Nitrogen but in the case of packaged meat products CO2 flushing is also common so a commination analyser is typically used.

The system is easy to set up and use and is autoranging 0-001 to 100% Oxygen and from 0.1 to 100% Carbon Dioxide. Weight of the unit is 4kg (9lbs) and dimensions 305W x 245D x 152H mm. One touch calibration and is lightweight and easy to move. We provide a USB port for data transfer and the unit can also be connected to a PC running data collection software.

The ultimate food packaging analyser the GS6000 is designed to meet all modified atmosphere packaging applications and is used by world leading manufacturers. Contact one of our experts today for an obligation free consultation and quotation.

  • Headspace Analyser
  • Oxygen Analyser
  • Food Packaging Analyser
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • CO2 Analyser

Common applications for headspace analysis

  • Food Packaging
  • Potato Chips
  • Grated Cheese
  • Cheese 
  • Milk powder
  • Baby Formula
  • Salad Mixes
  • Vegetables
  • Fresh Meat
  • Ground meat
  • Dried Meat
  • Pharmaceuticals

Typical headspace questions answered by our experts

A headspace analyser is used to measure the headspace section of the package and measure the residual oxygen (CO2 as well in some packages) left inside the package. The headspace is the gas void portion of the package above the material and below the seal or cap.

Modified Atmosphere packaging is commonplace in many industries today, many products use inert otr modified atmospheres to extend the shelf life, or improve appearance of the product.
To improve the shelf life of a product, reduction of oxygen inside the package is very helpful in achieving the best outcome. If a package headspace is simply filled with ambient air it will contain approximately 20.9% oxygen. Using Nitrogen flushing this can be reduced to below 2% oxygen which will dramatically increase the products shelf life. This technique is also used in conjunction with special packaging materials or high barrier films that have low oxygen permeation (do not allow Oxygen from the atmosphere to penetrate back into the package)
An Oxygen analyser is used to measure a gas and determine the amount of residual oxygen in that gas. Many analytical techniques are available from Electrochemical, Zirconia, paramagnetic and wet chemistry to measure oxygen from percent levels to parts per billion. In headspace packaging a zirconia oxygen analyser is typically selected due to its rapid response. The Oxygen analyser in this case is used to measure the amount of oxygen left inside a package.

When a product is filled into a flexible, semi rigid, or rigid pack a gas is injected just before the package is sealed. The area above the product that is not filled with material is called the headspace. This headspace is usually filled or flushed with an inert gas typically Nitrogen.

Typically for meat processing there is a requirement to extend shelf life but also to improve the appearance of the product inside the package. Most meat is also vacuum packed so the amount of oxygen left is minimal. However for appearance CO2 is used to increase the redness of the meat. A headspace analyser is used in meat packaging to measure the residual oxygen and the CO2 level inside the headspace.

Yes we have a rigid pack sampling system (Can piercer) that will pierce aluminium and steel cans to allow the headspace in these containers to be analysed. We use this technology for canned produce and soft drink beverages.

We use a septum, this is a reusable sticky rubber pad that attaches to the sample. When the headspace analyser needle injects into the package the septum closes around the needle to create a perfect seal. As the needle is withdrawn the septum then seals the sample again.

The headspace analyser comes with a sampling wand. This is a teflon (food grade) material and has a connection for a needle. The needle is used to pierce the package if it is flexible using a septum (Rubber to seal). Once inside the package the analysis will start by pushing a button and the headspace sample extracted. In the case of rigid packs we have a sampling system for cans that has a far strong piercing needle for this type of application, the sample is extracted to the analyser from this rigid pack needle.

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