Industrial Gas Analysers

A wide range of Oxygen Analyser Technologies to meet the growing needs of Industry.

Leaders in Gas Analysis Technology

At J W Industrial Instruments Pty Ltd, we are committed to excellence in providing the most sophisticated and reliable gas analysis solutions across a multitude of industries.

Our suite of oxygen analysers and sensors is engineered to deliver unparalleled precision, efficiency, and durability. With our advanced technology, your operations will achieve optimal performance, compliance, and safety standards.
Industrial Gas Analysers

Explore Our Range

  • ZR800 Oxygen Analysers: Fast, accurate, and reliable oxygen detection.
  • EC900 Process Oxygen Analyzer: Precision oxygen measurement for industrial gases.
  • PM700 Process Oxygen Analysers: High-performance oxygen purity measurements.
  • EC91 ATEX O2 Analysers: Safe oxygen analysis in hazardous areas.

The ZR800 Oxygen Analysers: Precision Engineered for Optimal Performance

Our ZR800 Oxygen Analysers are at the forefront of oxygen measurement technology, designed to offer unmatched accuracy and speed. Ideal for a wide range of industries, these analysers ensure your processes are efficient and compliant.

Superior Accuracy: Utilizing advanced zirconia oxygen sensors, the ZR800 provides rapid and precise oxygen level detection, essential for quality control in sensitive processes.

Robust Design: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, these analysers are IP66 waterproof and weatherproof, ensuring reliable operation under challenging conditions.

User-Friendly: Featuring microprocessor-controlled instruments with menu-driven software, the ZR800 series is customizable to meet your specific requirements, simplifying the user experience.

EC900 Series: Advanced Process Oxygen Analysis

The EC900 Process Oxygen Analyzer series represents the pinnacle of innovation in oxygen measurement, designed for accurate monitoring within industrial gases and atmospheres.

Patented Sensor Technology: Our EC900 series utilizes specially engineered electrochemical fuel cells, ensuring accurate, reliable results unaffected by hydrocarbons or volatile atmospheres.

Versatile Applications: From wave solder and reflow ovens to high-purity gas production, the EC900 series is adaptable to a broad spectrum of applications, offering solutions from 20 ppb up to 100% oxygen.

Longevity and Reliability: The sensors in our EC900 analysers typically last for 3-5 years, backed by a three-year limited warranty, highlighting our commitment to quality and durability.

PM700 Process Oxygen Analysers: Unrivalled Accuracy and Reliability

The PM700 series utilizes the proven magneto-dynamic transducer for oxygen purity measurements, setting a new standard in high-performance oxygen analysis.

High-Performance Measurement: Ideal for oxygen purity checks, the PM700 offers auto ranging from 0.01% to 99.99%, ensuring precise analysis across a wide measurement range.

Diverse Configurations: Available in panel-mounted, bench mount, and rack mount options, the PM700 series is designed to fit seamlessly into your operational setup.

Durable and Reliable: With a non-depleting sensor that provides years of trouble-free operation, the PM700 series is built to last, even in the most demanding environments.

EC91 ATEX O2 Analysers: Ensuring Safety in Hazardous Environments

For operations in hazardous areas, the EC91 ATEX Oxygen Analyzer is the ideal solution, offering safe and accurate oxygen measurements.

Intrinsically Safe Design: Certified to ATEX standards, the EC91 is designed for safe operation in explosive atmospheres, eliminating the risk of ignition.

Versatile and Reliable: Whether monitoring inert blanketing gas or checking gas purity, the EC91 provides dependable analysis in a variety of applications.

Rugged Construction: Manufactured from high-impact resistance materials, the EC91 is built to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

Why Our Analysers Stand Apart

Decades of Expertise: With over 40 years in gas analysis technology, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our products and services.

Innovative Solutions: Our commitment to research and development ensures that our products remain at the cutting edge of technology, offering superior performance and reliability.

Customized Applications: Understanding that each industry has unique needs, we offer versatile and adaptable solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Exceptional Support: Our team of experts provides outstanding support, from product selection to after-sales service, ensuring your satisfaction.

Explore Our Comprehensive Range

Dive deeper into our product offerings and discover how each series can be tailored to suit your specific industrial needs. From electronics manufacturing to food processing and beyond, our gas analysers are designed to deliver precise, reliable results.

Industries We Serve

Our products are trusted by companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including:

  • Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Gas Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical and Chemical Production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Steel Production
  • And many more…

Why Choose JWII?

  • Expertise: Over four decades of experience in gas analysis technology.
  • Innovation: Cutting-edge solutions designed for accuracy and reliability.
  • Versatility: A wide range of products to meet the specific needs of various industries.
  • Durability: Products designed to perform in the most demanding environments.
  • Safety: Solutions for hazardous areas, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Connect with Us

Learn more about how JWII can revolutionize your gas analysis processes. Contact us today for more information, to request a quote, or to arrange a detailed consultation with our specialists. Let us help you achieve excellence in your operations with our state-of-the-art gas analysers.

We are dedicated to advancing the field of water quality testing. Our expertise, innovative products, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us your trusted partner in environmental protection. Toxicity questions answered by our experts

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Industrial Gas analyser questions answered by our experts

An Industrial Gas analyser is typically a device that is used to monitor certain constituents within an industrial gas. These constituents can be in trace concentration like ppm, or ppb levels all the way to % of concentration in the overall gas e.g 5ppm Oxygen in Nitrogen.
Industrial gas analysers come in the form of rack mounted to be housed together in an analyzer rack, other common types are free standing wall mount, or panel mounted devices
Many types of technology can be used for gas analysis and depending on the component being analysed , typical technologies include Electrochemical Fuel Cell, Zirconia, Thermal Conductivity, Paramagnetic, Infrared and Ultraviolet for example.
A gas detector is used as an alarm for monitoring an environment for the presence or absence of a gas, and are normally gas specific like Oxygen or a group of gases like Hydrocarbons for example. A Gas Analyser is designed to analyse a specific gas and its exact concentration within that environment or gas stream.
Gas analysers are used in process control and monitoring situations, they can be used for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and hydrocarbons plus others. Manufacturers use these analysers to control the process within its specification and therefore are a very important part of the manufacturing facility.

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