Keg Line Monitoring System

Monitor your Keg Line washing and filling system with the Rotech Keg.
The simplest way to monitor and diagnose the entire Keg line.


The Rotech Keg

The Rotech Keg is a brewery standard keg fitted with sensors and a data logger unit. It is an essential tool for every brewery with a keg filling line, large or small. 


The keg is sent through the line as normal, and the data is captured in an on board memory. Once the keg has been through the process the data can be transferred to a PC using a Bluetooth link. 

Results can be analysed on screen and you are able to see exactly what is happening inside the keg during every cycle of washing, disinfection and filling. 


Line Performance Data

Without the line performance data from a monitoring Keg like Rotech it becomes very difficult to know if the CIP / SIP cycle has met the correct conditions, the Rotech Keg measures the not only the temperature, but the time and also the quality of the steam.


ISO9000 and HACCP

The record from the ROTECH keg is a positive statement of quality – essential for many ISO 9000 procedures and HACCP responsibilities.


Monitor The Entire Process

The Rotech Keg lets you know exactly what is happening inside your keg during washing, disinfection, and filling. The system allows you to have a complete overview of vital washing and filling data. The Rotech keg allows you to see inside the process.

A Better Understanding Of The Line

Monitoring parameters from outside the Keg will not diagnose the process efficiently. Data Points from outside the keg are unable to tell if wash liquors are pooling or steam used for disinfection is saturated inside the keg. The Rotech Keg also provides dynamic pressure readings during filling so you can see which filling heads are performing as expected, and how much fobbing or frothing is taking place.


Essential Information

The data provided by the Rotech Keg is essential for efficient operation of the line. This data gives peace of mind that the line hygiene meets regulatory requirements and performance is according to quality control guidelines within the plant. The system is useful for fault finding and speeding up preventative maintenance to avoid process delays. It is also a useful tool for optimising the plants energy consumption and helping the brewer meet sustainability goals.


The Perfect Beer

pouring beer

Pouring the perfect Beer every time, means you need to monitor the keg and its contents. With the Rotech world leading electronic keg systems you have the tools to make sure that happens consistently. 


Advanced User Friendly Software

Rotech offers unique diagnostic features with user friendly software that allows the user to interpret the data easily. We also offer assistance to analyse the Keg data using our experts with over 40 years industry knowledge. All data is strictly confidential and an NDA can be signed to protect sensitive data.



Wide range of users in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region

We work together with a wide variety of brewers in Australia, New Zealand and Across the Asia Pacific from large scale multinationals to mid-sized and craft brewers and each see the benefit of using the Rotech Keg.


Calibration and Service

JWII provides full certified calibration and service from our workshops in NSW and QLD. We are also available for on-site service and maintenance across the Asia Pacific. Rotech Keg retrofits and upgrades are also available for older style equipment to bring them up to current standards.


Flexible Payment Options

JWII has various options to allow users to enjoy the benefit of the Rotech Keg. From Straight out purchase to monthly rental and also a full subscription service where the keg, maintenance, calibration and data analysis are all covered under a monthly subscription fee. Contact us to speak to one of our experts on how we can assist your business obtain a Rotech Keg.


Sensory questions answered by our experts

To understand what is happening inside your keg during washing and on each head of your filler.
The Rotech keg will help you analyse if you are using excessive detergent for rinses,
If there are unintentional pools in the keg during washing. The system will also help you evaluate if you are using more energy than you need. If you steam disinfect on your line then monitoring will tell you if your steam is saturated and is your disinfection cycle adequate.
These are just some of the issues we can diagnose and help you get the line on track for efficient, and hygienic operation of the line.


The Rotech Keg is run through the line as normal, including filling. As it travels through the line the Rotech Keg logs every cycle, every head. The Rotech Keg is then Recovered from the outfeed/decant.


Once you have retrieved the Rotech Keg it can be connected directly to a PC running our proprietary software via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Results can then be viewed and analysed. They are also stored in a historical database.


The Rotech Keg give you all the relevant information about your keg filling line. This includes information on energy efficiency, if the keg is properly cleaned and sanitised, if you are using a higher level of services such as water and steam than needed. From the data you can also see how you can increase efficiency and throughput. It is also a great tool for alerting you to potential problems on the line before major incidents occur.


Typically, the keg is passed through the line once per day. This allows the brewery to have a good record of the line efficiency. The Rotech keg can be used for a baseline so the brewer knows the typical line conditions when the line runs well. Then data can be analysed daily to see where there are potential deviations.


Fobbing and froth means loss of gas, which will lead to filling difficulties. Fobbing also leads to loss of taste and poor presentation at the time of service. The Rotech Keg will alert you to fobbing issues and what causes them before the keg goes to the market.


Yes, the Rotech Keg has a level sensor inside so you can gauge how the filler is working. If you are overfilling kegs, you are giving away beer and also affecting the gas balance, so the Rotech Keg is an important tool for quality and yield.


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