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Product Description

Automatic closure torque measurement

The opening torque of bottles and other containers with twist-off closures is an important quality parameter in the food-, beverage- and pharmaindustrie and vital for customer satisfaction. The requirement of an user independent measurement-method to check the opening-behavior immediately at the filling line (including an automatic measurement of the opening angle) led to the development of the Steinfurth TMS 4000/4010.

The Steinfurth TMS 4000/4010 runs fully automated and reduces manual operation to the loading of the sample and the activation of the measurement progress. Hereby special knowledge of the user is no longer needed for execution of a perfect measurement. The integrated Touchscreen directly signalizes the user, via color based classification of the measurement data, if given tolerances were kept. The measurement results are simultaneously available by the customizable Data-interface to the PC (or directly into the Network) whereby a extreme fast reactivity is given. By outsourcing the measurement from lab to filling line, actual process times and so far needed resources can be reduced dramatically. The TMS 4000/4010 is suitable for every (even safety screw caps!), now and in future available, packaging and closing modes, whereby even in the case of changing samples or product modifications utilization is possible. An integrated calibration-mechanism and newest sensor technology guarantee high precision measurement results by very low amount of maintenance.

Additionally the TMS 4000/4010 is the only measurement device at market serially equipped with the CPA-Master-function. This enhances the TMS 4000/4010, in context of the Steinfurth-CPA-concept, to act as a central steering unit (“Master”) for all linked measurement devices (Brix, Co2, Fill-Level (“Slaves”)). By that, global sample- and procedure adjustments for the whole measure-chain can be central executed via the control panel of the TMS 4000/4010. All measurement-protocols and results are then central available via the data-interface of the TMS-device, too.

Function :

The sample is given and fixed in the TMS 4000/4010. The constant Top Load is adjusted and the sample specific measurement program is chosen via touch screen. The measurement process can be started. The results get color based classified, displayed and are immediately available via the data-interface of the TMS 4000/4010.

With barcode scanner :

The barcode of the sample is scanned. This can be done at the already labeled sample or via barcode-list. The TMS 4000/4010 automatically selects the suitable testing-program to the product. The constant Top Load is chosen and the measurement can be started. In context of the Steinfurth-CPA-Concept, the whole measure-chain (Brix , Fill-Level,Co2-content, Torque) is sample-specific adjustable by only one scanning progress. In this case all results get color based classified, displayed and are immediately available via the data-interface of the TMS 4000/4010.

With over 40 years as an industrial equipment supplier JWII has a profound depth of knowledge in the space of analytical instrumentation and related solutions. We help and advise clients to navigate a broad spectrum of products their uses in industry to meet process control and sustainability goals . Our advanced array of tools, synergized with our team of specialists, enables us to deliver solutions of significant impact. With a legacy marked by consistent achievements, we hold in high regard our steadfast dedication to catering to an international clientele spanning diverse industries and geographies.

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