Steinfurth Automatic CO2 Tester CDA MK-6

Steinfurth Automatic CO2 Tester CDA MK-6

Product Description

Measuring the CO2 concentration

The CDA MK-6 measures pressure and temperature simultaneously, calculates the CO2 content and transfers the measurement results via data-interface to the base-unit. A dynamic sample preparation, low-maintenance construction and easiest calibration round-up the high-precision measurement. Each measurement procedure is ex-factory customized to the specific measuring medium and runs fully automated.

The flexible programmable control unit writes every parameter as a measurement protocol in the internal memory, where in detail CO2-content, pressure, temperature, date, time, current number, serial number of the machine and specific sample code enable a perfect conformability.

The base unit integrated touchpad allows a direct, color based classification of the measured results; by the beverage quality is perfectly visualized.

Different settings are very easy and extreme fast adjustable via barcode scanner, user interface or the customizable data interface of the CDA MK-6, whereby even in the case of changing samples or operators the maximal process efficiency is secured.


  • Quick return of investment
  • QS based automatic workflow management
  • Extremely repeatable results based on the physical laws of Henry & Dalton
  • Easy automatic operation
  • Integrated automatic sample preparation
  • Easy data evaluation & PC connection
  • Easy check and calibration
  • Operator independent functioning
  • Suitable for all carbonated beverage types
  • Robust construction & IP-65 waterproof housing
  • Low maintenance requirements

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