TIGHTNESS / LEAKAGE control in SQUIZABLE containers (Squeezer) - TB1000

TIGHTNESS / LEAKAGE control in SQUIZABLE containers (Squeezer) - TB1000

Product Description

Ideal to ensure the compliance with the quality standards by checking the tightness of the containers filled and closed through the correlation between a non-destructive compression module and pressure measure, combined with the level control.

The configuration of the leak detection system varies according to the material and the shape of the container and the type of the product contained inside.

This patented system allows to ensure the elimination of false rejects and the maximum control precision.

  • Analog inductive sensor technology for measuring the pressure
  • High frequency or X-ray technology for measuring the fill level
  • Mechanical equipment located in a separate upper area of the machine to permit system to be washed down and allow easier access to parts
  • Designed to be integrated with additional inspections
    – Label presence
    – Monitoring



  • Reduction of the number of rejects in case of leak through the control on consecutive rejects


  • Eliminate customer complaints related to product leak
  • Eliminate customer complaints related to product deterioration for incorrect tightness
  • Ensure product quality


The system allow to check:

  • Closure tightness
  • Micro holes on bottle neck area
  • Under/over pressure

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