SPORT CAP, Cap having a NON FLAT upper surface, SHAPED Cap - QT730-VA

SPORT CAP, Cap having a NON FLAT upper surface, SHAPED Cap - QT730-VA

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Product Description

The systems will detect defective caps that may prevent proper container closure, affect the performance of the capper or create a jam in the cap chute.

The cap inspection system is available in several configurations chosen according to the type of cap to be inspected and according to the type of line in such away as to meet all the requirements of quality control.



  • Reduction of thenumber of capper damages and jams
  • Reduction of thenumber of filled and capped product rejects
  • Reduction of thenumber of “line stop”


  • Reduction ofcustomer complaints related to product leak or presence of foreign objectscontamination
  • Ensure product quality


The system is recommended for:

  • Cap without flat base (Ex: Sport Cap)
  • Brand inspection needed

– INSPECTION INTEGRATED IN CAP CHUTE (recommended for cap having an irregular, non flat, upper surface such as sports caps-cap, etc.)

  • Product compliance
  • Up-side down cap
  • Ovalisation
  • Security Ring defect/absence
  • Sealing ring defect/absence
  • Foreign objects
  • Brand inspection
  • Color inspection

This version is NOT suitable for:

  • The monitoring of tamper evident bridges
  • Cap external wall analysis (Ex:. Cap height, Cap shape, …)

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