QCS120 - Automatic quality control system

QCS120 - Automatic quality control system

Product Description

The system allows to check the correct functioning of the entire production process upstream of the QCS. The processed data allow that the intervention on the line is handled in a preventive manner and not corrective increasing the productivity of the process and drastically reducing rejected product.

  • Single interface for the management of the inspection and control of the entire line
  • Real time statistical analysis of production trend
  • Graphical display of production trend for a simple interpretation of the values acquired by the entire line
  • Complete production data base (analytical and statistical data)
  • Integrated sampling system

– Sampling for fill valve
– Sampling for capper head

  • Preset for the sampling management of more cappers



  • Optimization of the production cycle through the detection of faulty events
  • Optimization of interventions moving from corrective to preventive action
  • Reduction of the rejected containers and minimization of line jams and unplanned stops


  • Optimization of the performance of the production
  • Guarantees of the highest product quality and of the quality of the production process


In addition to the results of each control/inspection installed in-line are available data related to:

  • Fill volume
  • Torque test
  • Closing angle compliance test
  • Leak test
  • Internal pressure measure
  • Measure of Co2 level (dissolved in the liquid)
  • Productivity indices Cp and Cpk

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