DEGA UDA III - Gas Detection Controller

DEGA UDA III - Gas Detection Controller

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Product Description

The 3rd generation evaluation controller is designed as a separate device, with the possibility of mounting on a wall or in a  switchboard. It is used to power up to 488 transmitters, of which 288 pcs digitally (RS485) in 4 lines (BUS) and 2 circuits (LOOP) and up to 200 transmitters via an analog input (4-20 mA) using input modules (up to 25 DEGA UDA III AI8 modules). For transmitters, it evaluates the gas leak in four levels. It is also possible to connect one DEGA Zc II flood transmitter and a DEGA Tc II temperature transmitter. The status of all transmitters is indicated on the controller through an LCD touch screen. The controller can be equipped with up to 20 arbitrarily configurable internal relays, output for optical and acoustic signaling, output for impulse closing of DEGA HV DNx emergency valves, USB port, and additional modules for connection to the control of secondarysystems (fan, air conditioning, etc.). The basic configuration can be set using the LCD touch screen. The controller can also be expanded with a memory (HISTORY) with recording up to 300 days back, a backup source as well as many optional modules and accessories.

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