LM03 – Fermentation Analyzer

LM03 – Fermentation Analyzer

Product Description

The LM03 is a multiparametric analyser which can be used to measure both the must and the must/ wine during the fermentation process. As far as concerns must and concentrated must, the unit may measure the sugar content expressed in different selectable scales while as far as concerns the fermentation, the unit will display the alcohol content of the tank.

The LM03 system, usually placed in the laboratory, is based on a digital refractometer combined with a conductivity analyzer and computes the data through a customized software algorithm.

The unit is able to measure the sample as it is with no need of chemical reagents making all the process very quick and easy to handle: the operator needs simply to pick up a sample from the fermentation tank and pour it into the LM03 basin. After analysis, the system displays the results, processes and automatically updates its database and then transmits the data to a collection center.

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