CC05 – Grape Sampler

The determination of the quality of incoming grapes in the grading area is a fundamental step for the overall evaluation of grapes that every winery or grower association shall take into ac-count while winemaking. More than the analysis itself, sampling is the most important but also the most critical operation since it is here that the sample to be analyzed to assess the quality of the entire load is obtained.

  • Wide operating range
  • High penetration
  • Noiseless
  • Dual controls (electrical remote / lever on column)
  • Electrically-operated probe
  • Fluid and progressive movements
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Rugged structure very weather-resistant
  • Low concentration of impurities in the final product
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Product Description

When receiving grapes loads in the winery, it is very important to be able to properly evaluate the quality of the raw fruit in order to both give the correct pricing to the farmer and to address the truck to the appropriate production line.

The Maselli CC05 is the most sophisticated truck sampler available in the market because it is able to deeply enter in the truck reaching even the grapes placed in the very bottom: the grapes which are selected are therefore grinded with high efficiency. Using the sampler joystick, the operator may handle the probe in order to easily and quickly get several samples from the same truck.

The result of the CC05 effort is to deliver a very representative sample of each grapes load already reduced to liquid must to the Maselli SA, LA analysis stations to which the sampler can be automatically connected by means of a dedicated must transferring unit.

The CC05 sampler has been designed for an easy installation: the robust construction allows to reduce to the minimum the maintenance costs.

Quality of grapes starts from the grading area

The determination of the quality of incoming grapes in the grading area is a fundamental step for the overall evaluation of grapes that every winery or grower association shall take into account while winemaking. More than the analysis itself, sampling is the most important but also the most critical operation since
it is here that the sample to be analyzed to assess the quality of the entire load is obtained. Therefore the truck sampling system’s main function is:

  • to grant that the sample is as much representative as possible of the entire load
  • to make sure the sample is easy to be analyzed
  • to speed up the sample preparation time to minimize the overall evaluation time cycle

To respond to all these exigencies, the Maselli CC05 has been designed to allow:

  • thorough coring enabling to extraction of the grapes located in the lower part of the truck
  • high-efficient crushing of grapes
  • rapid coring enabling to take more than one sample from the same truck so to grant the representativeness

1. Hydraulic directional control valve

The hydraulic directional control valve gives power and control all the actuators. It is mounted on the back of the sub-base and it is formed by an assembly of low-voltage solenoid valves. The valves control all the movements of the probe. The directional control valve is activated remotely through an electrical signal that drives the solenoid valves. It can be activated by acting on the directional control valves via three control levers. All connections between the elements of the hydraulic circuit are made with flexible hose and provided with quick couplers. The different components have been designed giving priority to the simplicity and robustness.

2. Hydraulic power unit

The hydraulic power unit is installed in the lower part of the subbase. Its construction is very compact and its components are mounted so to grant an easy service check as well as routine maintenance. The coupling between the electrical motor and the pump is realized through an elastic connection which ensures an extremely low-noise operation. The power unit is equipped with a 45-liters tank containing the hydraulic oil, with a pressure gauge indicating the operating pressure and level gauge for checking the oil level and filter service indicator.

3. Movements

Rotation: the arm can rotate 359° either clockwise or counter clockwise. It is possible to restrict the rotation angle (upon request). Rotation takes place through a rack driven by an hydraulic piston. The system is equipped with flow control valves allowing a smooth and fluid overall rotation movement.
Extension: the maximum extension of the boom is over 6m; when totally retracted maximum extension is reduced up to 3mt.
Tilt: amplitude of tilting movement allows the sampling probeto reach the ground level and raise up to over 7m (engine level).

4. Sampling probe

Samples are collected by a motorized probe which picks up the grapes by means of an auger and then crash them by means of an high-efficiency crusher so to obtain a clear must for subsequent analysis. Transfer of must from the sampling probe to the station takes place by fall gravity. Must transfer is made of: three stainless steel telescopic tubes which prevent the risk of contamination from previous samples; hose delivering the must to the analysis station. The sampling probe, driven by an electric motor, is designed so to allow easy maintenance and cleaning.
There are two different types of probe available whose length varies depending on the load, plus one more version specific for the automatic collection with liquid separation. On the long sampling probe it is possible to install the Analaysis System SC04.

5. Remote Control and electrical panel

CC01 sampler is actuated by a remote control allowing either direct operations on the probe or some on the combined Analysis Station SA00. The remote control comes with a shoulder strap and grab bar for comfortable use when walking; with included accessories the remote control can be fixed to a basement or to a wall. The waterproof electrical panel contains the entire power section, the manipulator control circuits and the low voltage power supplies for the hydraulic actuators.

Boom Specifications:

Number of hydraulic extensions1
Rotation torque300 kgm
Rotation angle359°
Sub-base weight260 kg
Manipulator weight420 kg
Color of boomRAL 5003

Hydraulic power pack specifications:

Maximum working pressure120 bar
Pump delivery12 l/min
Oil reservoir capacity45 l
Recommended oil (standard)type VG 46 hydraulic oil
Recommended oil (hot climates)type VG 68 hydraulic oil
Weight of hydraulic power pack50 kg

Electrical section specifications:

Three-phase power supplyAC 3/PE 230/400V ±10% 50...60Hz 4.5kW
Electrical panel protection categoryIP 55
Remote controlPortable remote control module with 10 meter cable, joysticks,
with integrated control functions for series SA
Weight of electrical panel30 kg
Weight of portable control module1.5 kg

Sampling probe specifications

Constructedstainless steel
Electric motor1.5 (2) hp 900 rpm
Auger diameter130 mm
Must transfer telescopic tubestainless steel
Weight80 kg

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