In Line - Product WITH FOAM - CL700-HF

In Line - Product WITH FOAM - CL700-HF

Product Description

Ideal for the filling level detection the of containers, even in the presence of persistent foam, using the High Frequency technology.

The FOAM COMPENSATION technology is designed to ensure a correct FINAL filling level detection (After foam dissolving) even in the presence of persistent foam.

The system detects simultaneously the volume of liquid and the volume of  foam. It evaluate REAL filling level variation after foam dissolving.

In this way it is possible to obtain the highest accuracy in the measurement and maximum efficiency of the filling system for the defense of the brand, and prevention of legal challenges for marketing non-compliant products.

  • High frequency technology
  • Management of rejection signals from external systems
  • Simple installation on any filling line
  • Independent structure for eliminating noise and vibration and ensuring maximum accuracy and minimum maintenance
  • Designed to be integrated with additional inspections
    – Cap presence
    – High/cocked cap
    – Cap color
    – Cap Inspection (Typical)
    – Monitoring



  • Reduction of the number of false rejects due to foam presence (Ejected as a precaution)
  • Reduction of the number of rejects in the event of a filler malfunctioning. The system includes consecutive reject alarms and can monitor the performance of individual fill valves.
  • Optimization of maintenance interventions on the filler (when integrated with the monitoring system)


  • Eliminate legal complaints related to underfilled containers
  • Eliminate customer complaints related to over filled or underfilled containers
  • Ensure product quality and compliance with the minimum fill content


The system allows to control:

  •  Fill level detection
    – Reject for underfilled containers
    – Reject for over filled containers
  • Fill level average (referred to the production)
  • Fill level standard deviation

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