Maselli TP10 – Total Package Analyser

  • Optical technology
  • ll in one TPO and CO2 analyzer
  • Fast Measurement
  • Web Based Software
  • Robust Contruction
  • Easy to operate
  • Low Maintenance

The Maselli TP10 is an innovative Total Package Analyzer designed for the brewing industry. The analyzer can be used with a wide variety of package shapes and sizes. Once the package is placed in the TP10 the analyzer automatically pierces the container and measures the headspace volume, CO₂, and O₂ concentration of both the liquid and headspace of the package. The TP10 user interface operates on a web-based software platform making data analysis quick and easy from anywhere.

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Product Description

Oxygen: Total Packaged O2, Head Space O2, Dissolved O2 CO2: CO2 P/T, True CO2 Head Space: HS Volume

Web based control panel
The Maselli TP10 is operated by means of an intuitive control panel that operates on a web-based software platform. The TP10 has a local display and can be networked to communicate with existing data collection systems. The analyzer can also be remotely accessed through user password protected software interface to extract data for statistical analysis or troubleshooting.

Universal sampling
capability The Maselli TP10 has the capability to sample from a wide variety of package shapes and sizes including glass bottles, PET bottles or cans. A container can be easily placed in a universal package holder, which operates together with a robust piercer that is designed

Robust Construction
The Maselli TP10 was designed to operate at line in a production environment or in a central laboratory. The sensors are enclosed in a water-proof housing designed for easy access for system validations and sensor maintenance.

Innovative measurement
method The Maselli TP10 contains 2 separate gas and liquid sample cells. The measurement cycle begins by extracting the headspace gases into the gas sampling cell where it measures both the CO2 and O2 from the headspace. A sampling tube is then lowered into the container to draw the liquid into the liquid sampling cell. The CO2 and O2 is measured as the sample flows to drain. All data parameters are determined in less than 6 minutes per cycle and displayed on the control panel.

LP20 Portable Applications
In the portable applications, the LP20 series is using the same technology of the TP10 analyzer to measure CO2/O2. The sensors are packed in a IP67 case equipped with a local touch screen control panel, batteries flow cell, tubing and all the accessories needed for the measurement line. Both in the single channel configuration and in the dual channel one, the LP20 is light but very robust and easy to operate for quick connection to a tank or a piping.

TPO Measurement

Gas Phase range0 hPa to 45 hPa O2 partial pressure
Liquid Phase range0 ppm to 2 ppm
Repetability±5 ppb or ±5 % whichever is the greater

CO2 Measurement

Range0…5 v/v (0…10 g/l)
Accuracy+/- 0.025 v/v (+/- 0.05 g/l)
Repetability±5 ppb or ±5 % whichever is the greater

Head Space Measurement

Repeatability±0.5 ml
Analysis Cycle time~7 minutes

Technical Features

Measurement Temp.from 0 to 40°C
Pressuremax 6.5 bar absolute
Container dimensionsdiameter from 30 to 125 mm
height from 30 to 370 mm
volume > 200 ml
Gas consumpt. / analysis:Vn=6L
Required oxygen-free gasesN2 or CO2 class5 if TP10 is used without CO2 measurement
Additional gasesCompressed air
CleaningChlorine free water
Communication interfaces1xUSB, Ethernet
Display10" LCD Panel with capacitive touchscreen
Data storageUp to 5000 measurement data sets

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