Sustainability benefits of changing to a 12 month CO2 polishing system

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CO2 Polishing filters

CO2 is a very common gas in the carbonated beverage market. As the CO2 is regarded as an ingredient once it enters the beverage there are guidelines for the CO2 purity when used in this way. Guidelines on acceptable contaminant levels are released by the international society for beverage technology (ISBT). 

Gas suppliers COA

Gas companies supplying CO2 use sophisticated analysers to check the gas before delivery to bottlers and supply a certificate of analysis  (COA) for each batch when delivered to the storage tank on site. 

Added protection for the bottler

As an added layer of protection typically the bottler will install a CO2 polishing filter after the storage tank before the CO2 enters the plant, this polishing filter will remove any trace contaminants left in the gas. These filters are also there in the unlikely event the gas supplied has higher than reported levels of contaminants.

12 Month Carboguard cartridge system

Sure purity is the global leader in the supply of CO2 polishing filters and their engineers have designed the Carboguard system to have a 12 month service life (6 months longer than traditional competitive systems).

Savings over competitive systems

Significant savings can be made for customers using competitive systems switching to Sure Purity and the housing and cartridges have an extremely fast ROI. The savings become even bigger when you have multiple plants. 

Cartridge comparison

Sure purity filters are using a new filling technology and filtering media they have not only extended the life of the filter cartridge but are also able to filter more potential contaminants such as acetaldehyde from the CO2 gas stream. 

Sure Purity vs Competitors

Comparing models, flow rate/capacities, cartridges per year and calculated the reduction in cartridge quantities, the numbers are staggering.
PlantExisting SystemProposed Sure PurityChangeDecrease/Savings
ModelHousingCapacityCartridgesCartridgesModelHousingCapacityCartridgesCartridgesCapacityCartridges per year
QuantityIb/hrPer ChangePer YearQuantityIb/hrPer ChangePer YearIb/hr
10Mplus60002120001632CG 062105602x612-1440-20

Cost reduction as as follows;

Cartridge Savings

138 Cartridges per year, 240 now, versus 102 in future.
This represents a 57.5% saving.

Waste Savings

2484KG’s (2.73 US Tons) of solid waste, 4320KG’s now, versus 1836KG’s (2.02 US Tons) in future. This represents a 57.5% saving or just a tad over 60% when you add in the pre and post filter elements that are changed every 6 months as well.

Additional Benefits

#1 Flow rate/Capacity increase Example from 83,940lb/hr to 89,760lb/hr this equals 5820lb/hr or a 6.93% increase, this is gained by our design being more efficient – we gain 10% on the like for like model.

#2 Our duplex “never shut down design” where maintenance can be performed without stopping production.

Summary of savings type:

  • Capacity increases.
  • Production operations line uptime
  • OPEX savings.
  • Carbon footprint reduction.
  • Solid waste/sustainability.

Sure purity filters are a winning investment ! Contact us for more information and request a quotation


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