Systech Illinois OxySense 8107 Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer

The OxySense 8107 Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer is the perfect choice for testing finished packages at dry test conditions for throughput, quality control and R&D demands.


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Product Description

Brought to you by Systech Illinois, our specialist gas, oxygen, and moisture testing brand the OxySense 8107 integrates the latest in highly sensitive coulometric sensor technology. It offers you a wide test range of 0.00025 cc/pkg day to over 2,000 cc/pkg day.

Our oxygen transmission rate analyzer is a popular product that’s relied upon across the food, inks and coatings, beverage, flexible packaging, paper and pulp and plastics and polymers industries.

Unconditional oxygen transmission rate testing

The OxySense 8107 is ideal for oxygen transmission rate testing of PET bottles, containers, canisters, bags, trays and pouches in ambient lab conditions, or at specific RH conditions using environmental chamber

Advanced oxygen transmission rate sensor

Our e-Metric coulometric sensor technology is highly sensitive. But it still offers an impressively long service life – twice that of the competition!

This is partly due to the anti-surge protection of our oxygen transmission rate tester. It guards against the damage caused by exposure to large amounts of oxygen.

Computer ready oxygen transmission rate testing

The OxySense 8107 features intuitive Windows based software that’s compatible with any desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

Oxygen transmission rate excellence – as standard

The OxySense 8107 oxygen transmission rate analyzer will perform to the highest caliber of international standards, including ASTM F1307.

Oxygen transmission rate testing choices

Industrial Physics makes lots of oxygen transmission rate testing devices and accessories. Need to inspect the oxygen transmission rate of packaging films? We’ve got you. Want something that focuses on the oxygen transmission rate of polyethylene? Look no further.

First up from OxySense we make the OxySense 8102 – Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer. You’ll also find alternatives made by our leading brand Systech Illinois Here’s the 8101e OxySense® Oxygen Transmission Rate Analyzer, for example.

Sharing oxygen transmission rate expertise

We make many different types of oxygen transmission rate devices for a wide range of applications. In designing and refining these instruments and listening to our customers, our experts have gained a depth of knowledge.

We like to share our insight across the knowledgebase section of our website. There you’ll see articles that explore all manner of related subjects. From why there’s a need to measure the oxygen transmission rate of PET bottle caps to how to protect your reputation with oxygen permeation testing. Or this one – an exploration of the barriers to permeation testing.


  • SKU: MDL-008107
  • Applications: Permeation Testing
  • Materials: Paper, Plastics and Polymers
  • Test Gas: oxygen
  • Application: permeation
  • RH Testing Ranges: ambient or controlled by chamber
  • Temperature Range: ambient or controlled by chamber

Features & Benefits

  • Tests finished packages at ambient and relative humidity or climate controlled using an environmental chamber
  • Long Life “E-metric” coulometric sensor technology
  • ASTM F1307 compliant
  • Wide test range of 0.00025 cc/pkg day to over 2,000 cc/pkg day
  • Anti-surge excessive oxygen protection
  • No need for expensive nitrogen/hydrogen mixed gas
  • Advanced software

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