Systech Illinois Gaspace Handheld Analyzers

Our Gaspace Handheld Analyzers are handheld, portable gas analyzers for testing Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) products. Both analyzers are small, robust and designed to measure oxygen using a syringe needle for gas sampling or both oxygen and carbon dioxide using an NDIR sensor.


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Product Description


  • Gaspace Handheld Analyzer GSP1 measures oxygen
  • Gaspace Handheld Analyzer GSP2 measures both oxygen and carbon dioxide

Oxygen Analysis

The Gaspace Handheld Analyzer GSP1 model can test for oxygen using an extremely accurate, electrochemical sensor. Ideal for measuring oxygen in MAP products across multiple industries, including food and pharmaceuticals.

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Analysis

The Gaspace Handheld Analyzer GSP2 model can test for both oxygen and carbon dioxide. It tests for oxygen using an electrochemical sensor with extremely good accuracy, and uses an NDIR sensor for carbon dioxide testing. Ideal for measuring oxygen or carbon dioxide in MAP products across multiple industries, including food and beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Quick Operations

Both Gaspace Handheld Analyzers have quick measuring times – and there is no heating time required!

The Gaspace Handheld Analyzer GSP1 has a short measuring time and low sample volume – minimum of 10mL at 6 seconds. Similarly, the Gaspace Handheld Analyzer GSP2 also has a short measuring time and low sample volume – minimum of 15mL at 10 seconds.


It is capable of over 2500 measurements, memory functions of 40 measurements and has highly accurate readings.

Portable & protected

The handheld analyzer is small and compact in design, and is stored in a durable carrier case. No matter where the analysis is – the Gaspace Handheld Analyzers can safely travel with you.


  • Applications: Gas Analysis and Testing, Oxygen Headspace Testing
  • Materials: Gas
  • Measurement : Oxygen (GSP1 & GSP2), Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide (GSP2)
  • Sample volume : Minimum 10 mL at 6 seconds (GSP1), Minimum 15 mL at 10 seconds (GSP2)
  • Sample time : 6 – 10 seconds (GSP1 & GSP2)
  • Measuring range : 0-99.9% (GSP1 & GSP2)
  • Resolution : 0.1% O2 (GSP1 & GSP2), 0.1% CO2 (GSP2)
  • Heating time : None (GSP1 & GSP2)
  • Sensor accuracy GSP1 : Better than +/-0.3% Oxygen
  • Sensor accuracy GSP2: Better than +/- 0.25% Oxygen and better then +/- 2% Carbon dioxide
  • Dimension : 43 x 75 x 160 mm (HxWxD) (GSP1 & GSP2)
  • Weight : 0.45 Kg (GSP1 & GSP2)
  • Power supply : rechargeable battery powered (over 2,500 measurements) (GSP1 & GSP2)

Features & Benefits

  • Small, compact hand-held gas analyzer
  • High measuring accuracy due to state-of-the-art technology
  • Battery operated and can be powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Capable of over 2500 measurements
  • O2 measurements
  • CO2 measurements
  • Memory function of 40 measurements
  • Short measuring time
  • Low sample gas volume
  • Easy calibration
  • Robust and sturdy design
  • Rugged carrier case
  • Integrated needle protection/storage

With over 40 years as an industrial equipment supplier JWII has a profound depth of knowledge in the space of analytical instrumentation and related solutions. We help and advise clients to navigate a broad spectrum of products their uses in industry to meet process control and sustainability goals . Our advanced array of tools, synergized with our team of specialists, enables us to deliver solutions of significant impact. With a legacy marked by consistent achievements, we hold in high regard our steadfast dedication to catering to an international clientele spanning diverse industries and geographies.

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