Sulphitic Flavour Standard


The sulphitic flavour standard helps train professional tasters to recognise the potency of sulphur dioxide character. Sulphur dioxide is a common compound found in many foods and beverages. It is often used as a preservative or packaging aid and can add freshness to products at the correct level. However, too much sulphur dioxide can be an off flavour.

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Product Description

Sensory Terms
– Sulphur Dioxide
– Struck match
– Choking
– Sulphurous
Cause of Flavour
A common off flavour in many alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and foods.
Formed in alcoholic beverages as part of the fermentation process and residual sulphites. Common to beers and wines sulphites can interact with other flavour components altering flavours or even masking them. Sulphur dioxide can add a freshness to products at the correct level – by controlling bacteria and acting as an anti-oxidant. Too much sulphur dioxide is an off flavour.
In non-alcoholic beverages and food stuffs this product is used as a packaging aid and preservative – commonly added into the headspace of packaging and used to extend the shelf life.
Other Information
Beer Flavour Wheel Number: 0111
Flavour level seen: 15 mg / l
Recommended flavour standard / sensory reference standard of: American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and the European Brewing Chemists (EBC)
Please note: this flavour is considered an allergen – please do not train people who have sensitivities to sulphurs such as asthmatics with this flavour standard.

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