Screw Auger Sampler

Screw Auger Sampler


Product Description

  • Extracts a representative powder sample from pack-off booths, drop chutes and hoppers.
  • Can be either manually or automatically operated.



  • The auger is run in reverse to clean the sampler of any powder.
  • The auger is then run in a forward direction, this pushes the powder towards the sample outlet.
  • When the sample reaches the sample outlet it falls by gravity into the sample bottle.
  • The auger is run in reverse to ensure that any powder residue is removed from the sampler prior to shutting down.


  • All contact parts are 316L s.s. or Hastelloy® C22 with PTFE or Kalrez® Elastomers.
  • PTFE Stuffing Box for manual sampler
  • Borosilicate sample bottle with ISO GL 45 connection
  • Finish: Internal Polish 0.25Ra, External Polish 0.5Ra


  • Manually or automatically controlled.
  • A Quick Disconnect Sampler allows the operator to remove the screw between batch runs or at regular intervals for cleaning.
  • Containment of the sample bottle using a cabinet/glovebox.
  • Sample bottle connection can be machined to suit customer supplied bottle.
  • Nitrogen Purge/Solvent Flush Valve can be fitted.
If you have any special sampling requirements ProSys Sampling Systems will discuss your requirements and help to produce a solution that meets your specification

If you would like a ProSys representative to contact you please complete our enquiry form

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