Polispec VIS-NIT fibre optic Spectrometer

Polispec VIS-NIT fibre optic Spectrometer

Polispec VIS-NIT is an extremely robust spectrophotometric sensor, designed to be connected via fibre optics to a variety of measurement probes and light sources. It is available in the spectral ranges between 340 and 1100 nm.

Product Description

Thanks to its compact design, Polispec VIS-NIT can be easily integrated into any point of a production line. The instrument is equipped with two programmable internal signal modulators to make it more efficient even in processes where the dynamics are changing.

The casing is made of anodised aluminum and is available with different levels of IP protection ratings from liquids and dust ingress..

The software interface was developed to be easily integrated into process systems and with PLC interface modules. The entire system consists of Polispec VIS-NIT and the management software, and can be supplied with different protocols and communication interfaces, so that the integration work is minimal for the customer.

  • Dimensions: 110 x 10.5 x 19.5 cm (l x h x w)
  • Weight: 750 g
  • Material: Anodised aluminium
  • Sensorcmos: 256 pixel
  • Spectral range: A: 340-750 nm B: 580-1080 nm
  • Average numerical resolution: < 2 nm
  • Average optical resolution: A: < 7 nm B: < 10 nm
  • Optical signal collection: Collimated SMA input
  • Supply: 12 Vdc power supply with supplied power supply
  • Maximum absorbed power: 10 W
  • Measurement geometry:Multi-level ND attenuation.
    Continuous optical attenuation by reducing the input beam along the X axis or in predefined steps (contextual attenuation along X and Y)
  • Acquisition of references: Automatic internal references
  • Communication channels: USB – RS422/RS485/RS232 (to be defined when ordering)

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