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A complete range of solutions, based on different technologies, in order to ensure the correct container orientation.

Depending on the container, we choose the most appropriate solution to ensure the orientation, regards a handle, label, embossed element, off-centered neck or any other asymmetry on the container.

All orientation systems can be combined with an IS “shape” and “surface” inspector.
The IS inspector detects defects such as dents, cracks, dirty areas, blobs, …
on the container by performing front, back shape and walls inspection.

This prevents wrong bottles entering the turning station or going to the labeler or the filler, avoiding stoppages in the line and increasing its efficiency.



  • Reduce the number of filler jams due to the incorrect orientation of asymmetrical containers
  • Reduce maintenance interventions and the amount of time for filler cleaning due to leakage of the product during the filling process
  • Reduce the number of rejects for products already filled or labelled due to the incorrect orientation of the containers


  • Ensure the correct image of the product
    – Label application on the correct side of the container
    – Ensure the container integrity
    – Cap application according to the product shape
  • Ensure the correct closure of the product
    – Cap application
    – Cap Seal


    It allows to rotate the container by 0° or180° so that all containers appear on the exit conveyor in the same direction.
  • SQUARE CONTAINERS(or almost square)
    It allows to rotate containers by 90° or 180° or 270° (-90°) Ideal for containers that need an orientation in order to be in accordance with, for example, an embossed element, so that the label or the cap are centered
    regards the embossed element.
  • CYLINDRICAL CONTAINERS (or almost square)
    It allows to rotate containers by a value of degrees from 0° to 360° in order to be all facing the same direction before labelling , sleeving, or capping.

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