Laboratory - Microtox® LX

Laboratory - Microtox® LX


Product Description

Microtox® LX is a biosensor-based measurement system that uses bioluminescence technology to monitor for either accidental or deliberate contamination of both water supplies and waste water. With over 2,900 instruments sold worldwide, the Microtox® toxicity test system is the industry standard for rapid toxicity screening and analysis.
Microtox® rapid toxicity detection is an in vitro test system that uses bioluminescent bacteria for the detection of toxicity in water and is used as a screening system to detect the relative toxicity of a sample. Applications include the testing of samples containing biological toxins, industrial effluent, industrial process waters, municipal effluent, drinking water, ecotoxicological samples, hazardous waste, soil, sediments, storm water and medical products for bio reactivity.

Key features:

  • Biological earning warning system sensitive to more than 2,700 simple and complex chemicals allows the protection of drinking water supplies from accidental or deliberate contamination.
  • Test results highly correlated with other widely accepted toxicity test methods helps to ensure compliance with regulatory and effluent permit standards in wastewater applications.
  • Proven – Numerous independent scientific studies have documented Microtox’s performance as an effective toxicity screening tool in a wide array of applications
  • Increased Sensitivity – The use of a new proprietary, fully dynamic photomultiplier increases the sensitivity of the instrument.
  • Fast, Reliable and Reproducible Results – Results Available in as little as 15 minutes after initial sample preparation.
  • The instrument’s new automatic color correction feature adjusts test results based on the sample’s turbidity.
  • Actively cooled sample and read wells enable more precise and consistent readings.
  • Cost effective – A low cost toxicity test that requires small sample volumes.
  • Manufactured in a certified ISO 13485 quality system with 100% lot traceability.

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