JWII handheld refractometer

JWII handheld refractometer

A truly portable digital refractometer for measuring liquid and paste concentration in seconds


Product Description

The Industry Standard in Handheld and Pocket Refractometers

JWII have been in the business of Refractometers since 1982, with our latest portable refractometer we can offer our clients an ergonomically designed portable system that is modern not only in design but in technology.

Refractometers are precise optical instruments that can determine the concentration of an aqueous solution by measuring its refractive index. These can be used for liquid concentration strength, and are typically used in the measurement of liquids, gels, or slurries.

Wide Range and high Accuracy

The JWII pocket refractometer measures the Brix concentration to an accuracy of 0.2 brix over a range of 0-55 brix with temperature compensation and meets the needs of even the most demanding applications. The repeatability and reliability of the system has been tested against some of the world leading laboratory refractometers and it has proven to be robust and reliable.

This Digital Refractometer is not only a Sugar Analyser and Sugar Refractometer but is a portable liquid concentration analyser for any bi-component liquid. This Lab Refractometer can display in brix Concentration over the range of 0-55Brix with an accuracy of 0.2 Brix.

Automatic digital analysis eliminating human error

There are many manual optical refractometers on the market, but most are reliant on the operator to use his own judgement on the Brix level. The JWII pocket refractometer is fully automatic and uses digital technology to offer a level of accuracy and repeatability usually seen in refractometers that are at a far higher price point.

Reliable and robust

The range of products are durable and maintenance free providing a brix and sucrose measurement that can be relied on in the harshest of industrial environments. These are ideal for measuring the total dissolved solids content of a liquid or semi-solid food such as fresh fruit, beverages, and sauces.

Easy of operation

The handheld refractometer is extremely easy to use, you simply open the basin flap, place the liquid in the measuring basin using a pipette, close the basin flap and press start. The result will be displayed in under 5 seconds.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications

There are many reasons to use a portable refractometer that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Testing the ripeness of fruit such as tomatoes and grapes is easy by simply squeezing a small amount of juice directly into the JWII refractometer prism and pressing start you will have a result in seconds. Products like beverage and honey are also simple applications the unit can handle easily.

Industrial applications such as cutting fluid and cooling oil concentration can also be measured by placing a small amount on the measurement prism the scale can be used to see if the water-soluble oil is at the right concentration level.

Concentration of products like coffee liquor, tea, chocolate, milk, sugar, caramel, condensed milk, jam, honey, soft drinks, beer, juices are just a few of the food and beverage products the unit can analyse.

Backed but our service and support guarantee

We offer full support in Australia for the JWII handheld refractometer and have the device available for immediate shipping you can buy with confidence that JWII who are experts in the field or refractometers are in Australia with a full team of support staff to assist you.

When it comes to Brix Meters, nD Analysers and nD refractometers, JWII is a quality brand you can trust.

Great price and fast shipping

You can purchase your JWII handheld refractometer here for the amazing price of $139 with free shipping Australia wide. Ultra fast same day or next day delivery with items in stock at our Sydney warehouse.


  • Measuring range: 0.0-55Brix(%)
  • Resolution: 0.1Brix(%)/0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.2Brix(%)/1°C
  • Temperature compensation: 10 – 80°C
  • Operating temperature: 10 – 40°C
  • Sample volume: «0.2mL(3~5drops)
  • Measure time: «3S
  • Battery: 2*AAA
  • Dimension: 154X52X44mm
  • Weight: 140g

As an industry leader, JWII can deliver a great deal of relevant knowledge to customers seeking a wide variety of products and applications. We have the tools and people necessary to provide impactful solutions and, with a long track record of success, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide continuous support to a diverse customer base, spanning several continents and markets.

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