Product Description

Ideal to ensure the rejection or the deviation towards specific channels of non-compliant products, destined to
analysis laboratory or particular working cycles.

The ejection or deviation systems are based on different technologies and use different methods of intervention.
The ejection/deviation system is chosen according to the type of line and product, to ensure maximum effectiveness and precision of intervention.

  • The ejection/deviation systems are also available with independent control unit, for the management of the rejection signal coming from other systems not realized by FT System, for example signals from filling machines for defects related to the filling process
    – Prepared for the integration with rejection confirmation systems
    – Prepared for the monitoring system to deviate sampling
  • Pistons and drive systems of different capacity to ensure proper thrust in relation with product weight
  • Devices with 8, 10, 16 fingers are available depending on the movement to be performed and the line speed
  • Different lengths of fingers depending on the shifting to obtain on low speed lines
  • Wide range of accessories for the point of contact
    – Inclined head
    – Diverting blades
    – Brushes for delicate products



  • Reduction of the number of line downtime to remove non-compliant products


  • Eliminate customer complaints related to non-compliant products
  • Ensure rejection of non-compliant products
  • Ensure product quality



The range of ejection/deviation systems includes:

  • Mono-push ejectors
    – Ejection device specific for bottles or “Light” containers
    – Ejection device specific for cans
    – Ejection device Specific Boxes or “Heavy” containers
  • Multi-fingers diverters
    – Different offset distances
    – Different speed of work (based on need)
    – Curvature of deviation customizable
    – Accessories for the deviation (Soft Impact ,brushes, etc …)
  • Custom Solution (in order to meet the product need of your product)

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