CARBOLAC (CO2 metering in diary)

CARBOLAC (CO2 metering in diary)


Product Description

Optimization in rennet cheese production

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a natural ingredient of milk and cheese that features very interesting characteristics. Its application as an additive in cheese production is therefore highly effective and absolutely safe.

According to EU Guideline 95/2, Appendix 1, CO2 (E290) is permitted in the EU to be added to all foodstuffs as an additive without restriction.

A labeling obligation does not currently exist for the dairy applications presented.

Cost reduction as a result of:
Less microbial or animal rennet addition at lowered pH (ca. -30% at –0.1 pH, -40% at –0.2 pH), less culture application, less washing water

More process safety as a result of:
Standardization, optimized pH value, higher anaerobic (prevention of harmful germs), stabilized protein structures (CO2 binds as hydrogen carbonate to casein structures)

Shorter production times as a result of:
Shorter pre-ripening of cheese milk (protein swelling improved by CO2), more standardization – uniform production process in connection with the application of DVS cultures

Functional description:
The Carbolac technique can be applied to virtually all dairy facilities. It is compact, installation is easy and quickly done. Only a few prerequisites have to be taken into consideration.

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