Brewing Perfection: How to Effectively Monitor Your Keg Washing System

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Introduction to Keg Monitoring Systems

The brewing industry has seen significant advancements in technology, especially in the realm of keg washing and filling systems. One such innovation is the Rotech Keg Line Monitoring System, a world leader in electronic keg systems. This system is designed to provide brewers with a comprehensive overview of their keg washing process, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and efficiency.

The Rotech Keg: A Game-Changer

The Rotech Keg is not just any keg; it’s a brewery standard keg fitted with sensors and a data logger unit. As the keg moves through the washing and filling line, it captures vital data in its onboard memory. This data can later be transferred to a PC using a Bluetooth link, providing insights into every cycle of washing, disinfection, and filling.

The Importance of Line Performance Data

Without the kind of data provided by monitoring systems like Rotech, it’s challenging to determine if the CIP (Clean-In-Place) or SIP (Steam-In-Place) cycle meets the required conditions. The Rotech Keg not only measures temperature but also the quality and duration of steam, ensuring optimal cleaning and disinfection.

ISO9000 and HACCP Compliance

In today’s brewing industry, adhering to quality standards like ISO 9000 and HACCP is crucial. The data from the Rotech Keg serves as a positive statement of quality, ensuring that breweries meet these stringent standards and maintain their reputation for excellence.

A Comprehensive View of the Process

The Rotech Keg offers a complete overview of the washing and filling process. Unlike external monitoring parameters, the Rotech Keg provides insights into what’s happening inside the keg. This includes whether wash liquors are pooling or if the steam used for disinfection is saturated, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

The Value of Essential Information

The data provided by the Rotech Keg is invaluable for the efficient operation of the line. It ensures line hygiene meets regulatory requirements and performance aligns with the plant’s quality control guidelines. Moreover, it aids in fault detection, speeding up preventative maintenance, optimizing energy consumption, and helping brewers achieve sustainability goals.

The Quest for the Perfect Beer

Every brewer aims to pour the perfect beer every time. With Rotech’s world-leading electronic keg systems, this goal becomes achievable. By monitoring both the keg and its contents, brewers can ensure consistency in quality and taste.

Advanced Software for Enhanced Usability

Rotech’s user-friendly software comes with unique diagnostic features, allowing users to interpret data with ease. With over 40 years of industry knowledge, Rotech also offers expert assistance in analyzing keg data, ensuring confidentiality and data protection.

Rotech’s Global Presence

Rotech’s influence isn’t limited to a specific region. They have customers and partnerships across the globe. JWII in Australia are partnered with Rotech and diverse range of brewers from Australia, New Zealand, and across the Asia Pacific. Working with large-scale multinationals to mid-sized and craft brewers, all recognize the benefits of the Rotech Keg.

Calibration, Service, and Upgrades

JWII, a prominent name in the industry, provides certified calibration and service for the Rotech Keg. Offering on-site service and maintenance across the Asia Pacific. Retrofits are also available to upgrade older equipment to meet current standards, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.

Flexible Payment Options for Every Brewer

Understanding the varied needs of brewers, JWII offers multiple payment options for the Rotech Keg. From outright purchases to monthly rentals and comprehensive subscription services, they cater to every requirement, making it easier for businesses to integrate this essential tool.

Evolution of the Brewing Industry

The Future of Brewing The brewing industry is continuously evolving, and tools like the Rotech Keg play a pivotal role in this transformation. By ensuring cleanliness, efficiency, and quality, such systems pave the way for a brighter, tastier future for beer enthusiasts worldwide.
With the insights from Rotech and JWII, brewers can now elevate their brewing process, ensuring that every pint poured is nothing short of perfection.


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