Biolight Toxy – Toxicity Testing equipment

The Aqua Science BioLight Toxy introduces a groundbreaking approach to rapid toxicity testing for the modern age. This adaptable tool can seamlessly switch between being a mobile field device and a stationary desktop instrument.

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Aqua Science Products

Aqua Science bioluminescent reagents, BioLight Multi and Single and consumables, can be used with Aqua Science analysers and the Microtox Model 500, Microtox LX, Microtox FX and DeltaTox as well as other luminometers in the market. If you are currently using Microtox Acute or SOLO, JWII have stock of the Aqua Science equivalent reagent and required consumables.

JWII offer a high-quality bioluminescent reagent from the same Aliivibrio fischeri bacterium as the reagent previously offered under the Microtox brand. BioLight reagents are manufactured by a team of scientists with over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of bioluminescent reagents. It is our goal to provide the Australian market with quality reagents, consumables, and instruments to keep ecotoxicity testing ongoing for years to come.


  • Versatility: A combined modular bench-top and on-the-go reader.
  • Expandability: The bench-top version can accommodate up to 2 blocks.
  • Language Support: Supports over 5 languages with more to be added.
  • Customization: Protocols can be tailored from beginning to end.
  • Durability: Crafted from premium materials like Aluminum and Steel.
  • Standards Compliance: Aligns with ISO 11348-3 and NMX-AA-112-SCFI-2017 guidelines.
  • Efficiency: Operates independently without the need for a tablet or PC.
  • Accessibility: Features remote access capabilities.
  • Speed: Achieves a reading in less than 7 seconds.
  • Economical: Offers the best value in its class.
  • Support: Provides local technical assistance and maintenance.


BioLight system overview

The BioLight Toxy, when combined with BioLight Reagents and Consumables, introduces a swift method for toxicity testing. It stands out as the latest dual-function instrument for bioluminescent analysis. This innovation is the outcome of collaborating with ecotoxicity experts to cater to global toxicity users’ requirements. The device can perform tests both in the field and in labs, reading light variations before and after potential toxic sample exposure.

Portable testing protocols

In its portable form, the BioLight Toxy has two primary protocols: the Screening Test and the Basic Test. It’s essential to keep the reagent frozen as the portable mode lacks temperature control. The device can read the Single reagent initially to establish a baseline and then after sample exposure. Results are typically available in 20 minutes.

Benchtop and Laboratory uses

The bench-top version of BioLight Toxy boasts a cooled reading and reagent well, with an option to add an extra cooling block. Multiple protocols are available, with results typically available in about 45 minutes including 15 minutes for the equilibrium of the reagent wells.

On Board Storage and Wifi Connectivity

The device offers 16 GB of on board storage, optional USB/Wifi connectivity, SCADA connectivity enabling connection to a wide range of PLC’s and client management systems.

Intuitive System Software

The Toxy features a custom PLC software interface onboard. Users can select from pre-programmed toxicity tests or customize their own. The software is user-friendly and supports multiple languages.
Multiple testing protocols
The device supports various testing protocols, including EC50 Tests for different toxicity levels, Effect Tests, Comparison Tests, and more. It complies with ISO 11348-3 standards and can be used for a range of samples, including wastewater, fresh water, and solid samples.

Technical Specifications – Biolight Toxy

Dimensions11.8”W x 13.9”D x 9.6”H
Weight13.1 lbs.
Power Requirements100-240 VAC.
Read Well15°C ± 0.5°C
Reagent Well5.5°C ± 1°C
VersatilityExternal power source is required for field use
On/Off SwitchOn the unit
Display7 in Screen
Read time<7 secs
Data Storage16 GB (micro-SD card)
MeasurementPhotomultiplier tube
Light SourceBioluminescence
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-Fi (optional)
Operation room temperature5°C to 40°C
Operational Humidity5%-80% non-condensing
SCADA ConnectivityYES
Remote accessYES (with optional Wi-Fi)
CertificationsRoHS, CE, IEC 61010
ISO Manufacturing AccreditationISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO/IEC 80079-34

Technical Specifications – Cooling Block

Dimensions7.8 W x 9.4 D x 6.0 H
Weight11.8 lbs (12 mm)
Power RequirementsFrom Luminometer
Cooling Block Well temperature15°C ± 0.5°C
Well layoutup to 60 wells
Well block for SolidsFit 17mm tubes
Well block for WaterFit 12mm tubes
Number of blocks per unitUp to 2

With over 40 years as an industrial equipment supplier JWII has a profound depth of knowledge in the space of analytical instrumentation and related solutions. We help and advise clients to navigate a broad spectrum of products their uses in industry to meet process control and sustainability goals . Our advanced array of tools, synergized with our team of specialists, enables us to deliver solutions of significant impact. With a legacy marked by consistent achievements, we hold in high regard our steadfast dedication to catering to an international clientele spanning diverse industries and geographies.

Our Premier Suite of Services Encompasses:

  • Installation: Precision-driven integration tailored to specific requirements.
  • Routine Maintenance: Ensuring systems’ longevity and optimal performance through regular oversight.
  • Repairs and Upgrades: Proactive identification and rectification of system inefficiencies, bolstered by the latest technological advancements.
  • Modifications to Current Installations: Adapting existing systems to align with evolving client needs.
  • Emergency Response Repairs: Prompt and efficient solutions for unforeseen system challenges.
  • Commissioning: Comprehensive system design, installation, testing, and maintenance to meet exacting operational standards.
  • On-site Assistance: Dedicated field teams providing hands-on support, ensuring seamless operations irrespective of challenges.
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