A Comprehensive Guide to Fishmeal Analysis with the Moisttech IR3000

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Introduction to Fishmeal and Its Importance

Fishmeal is a nutrient-rich feed derived from various parts of fish, including bones. It undergoes a rendering process where fish oil and water are extracted, leaving behind the protein-packed “fish meal.” This product is not only given to domestic animals like cats and dogs but also to larger livestock such as cattle and poultry. Its popularity stems from its high nutritional value, which includes essential amino acids, a plethora of vitamins, and a good source of calcium.

Seasonal Variations in Fishmeal Production

The production of fishmeal isn’t consistent year-round. Different fish species, each with their unique protein content, are used to produce fishmeal. However, not all these species are available throughout the year. This seasonal availability leads to fluctuations in protein content and, consequently, the price of fishmeal. Typically, prices soar during winter months due to depleted supplies and drop during summer when fish stocks are replenished.

The Crucial Role of Moisture in Fishmeal Production

The production of high-quality fishmeal isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. Maintaining precise moisture levels during the rendering process is pivotal. If the fishmeal is under-dried, it becomes a breeding ground for molds and bacteria. Conversely, over-drying or exposing the fishmeal to excessively high temperatures can lead to nutrient loss. Both scenarios can compromise the quality of the final product, potentially harming the animals that consume it.

The Solution: Moisttech IR3000

To circumvent the challenges posed by moisture in fishmeal production, businesses can employ the Moisttech IR3000. The moisture analyser conveyor can move at any speed under the analyser and results are provided in real time. This advanced moisture meter ensures that fishmeal moisture levels are consistently within the desired range. By integrating the IR3000 into the production process, manufacturers can prevent under-drying or over-drying, ensuring the safety and quality of their product.

The Technical Edge of the IR3000

The IR3000 stands out due to its use of Near-Infrared (NIR) technology. This allows for accurate and reliable moisture content measurements in mere seconds. The device is designed to analyze samples in non-contact reflectance spectroscopy, eliminating the need for cleaning and minimizing cross-contamination risks. With its user-friendly interface and robust build, the IR3000 is suitable for both production areas and laboratories.


Analysis of Moisture and More

While Near-Infrared (NIR) technology is often lauded for its unparalleled precision in moisture measurement, its capabilities extend far beyond that singular application. In the realm of fishmeal production, NIR technology emerges as a multifaceted tool, adept not only at gauging moisture content but also at analyzing other critical components such as oil, fat, and protein. The accuracy with which NIR can determine these constituents is remarkable, ensuring that fishmeal producers have a comprehensive understanding of their product’s composition. This holistic approach to analysis, facilitated by NIR technology, ensures that fishmeal maintains its nutritional integrity, meeting the stringent quality standards demanded by the industry.


Performance Metrics

When it comes to performance, the IR3000 is unparalleled. The device can measure moisture with an accuracy level that reaches up to tenths of a percent, setting a new industry standard. This precision ensures that fishmeal producers can maintain the desired moisture content throughout the production process.


Durability and Reliability

The IR3000 is not only known for its performance but also its durability. With minimal to zero maintenance requirements, it’s a long-lasting solution for fishmeal producers. Moreover, users can trust the IR3000 for its consistent readings, as the device doesn’t drift and doesn’t require frequent recalibrations.


Cost-Effective Solution

Incorporating the IR3000 into the fishmeal production process is a wise investment. Producers can expect a rapid return on investment. By ensuring optimal moisture levels, the device helps reduce waste, streamline the production process, and ultimately produce a higher quality product.


Support and Service

MoistTech prides itself on offering top-notch support for its products. The company ensures that each sensor undergoes rigorous lab tests and calibrations prior to delivery to guarantee accurate results. This commitment to quality, combined with their global service and support network, makes MoistTech a trusted partner in moisture measurement solutions.



Understanding and controlling the moisture content in fishmeal production is crucial for ensuring product quality. With the Moisttech IR3000, producers have a reliable tool at their disposal to achieve this. By integrating this advanced moisture meter into the production process, fishmeal producers can ensure consistent quality, maximize productivity, and deliver a product that meets the nutritional needs of animals.


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