Why quality assurance and manufacturing managers need process refractometers

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Refractometers are an important diagnostic tool

Refractometers are becoming an increasingly important tool in quality assurance and manufacturing processes. They are used to measure the refractive index of a liquid, which can help identify and correct problems with products or manufacturing processes. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why quality assurance and manufacturing managers should use process refractometers in their operations. We’ll also look at some of the benefits that these instruments can provide. Keep reading to learn more!

Essential Tools for quality assurance 

A process refractometer is an essential tool for quality assurance and manufacturing managers. By monitoring the refractive index of a liquid, you can ensure that it is within acceptable parameters. Most manufacturing processes have a target for the Brix (%sugar) or concentration level of the solution. Manufacturing to this target is important for quality and yield purposes. 

So why are process refractometers are so important ? 

A process refractometer can help you in may different ways. They can not only help you improve the quality of your products but they can also assist you in getting a better yield from the materials you are using to manufacture. An example of this would be if you are concentrating a juice, a refractometer can help your yield by stopping the evaporation process at the specific target point and not allowing you to over concentrate the liquid. If you are manufacturing a carbonated soft drink to manufacture the product to tighter target limits using a process refractometer will allow you to meet the quality specification target without giving away the most expensive ingredient, the sugar ! So having process refractometers to help optimise your process will ultimately lead to cost savings.

Manufacturing process refractometers for over 50 years

When it comes to process refractometers there is no one with greater longevity in the market than Maselli, the family-owned company started in 1948 producing refractometers for the tomato industry in the food valley of Italy in Parma. Maselli has been the go-to company for process refractometers for over 50 years. They have a wide range of models to suit their clients budget and accuracy needs, later in the blog we will give you some tips on choosing the correct Maselli model for your application.

Benefits to your process

Providing a continuous output of the Brix or concentration of your process, allows the end user to have the ability to control the process in real time. Rather than taking a laboratory sample and having the delay of the transit time to the lab and the analysis time. In line continuous measurement gives real time information which means you or your process operator can make real time adjustments. Waiting 10-15 minutes for a laboratory reading on a line making 600 bottles per minute is a huge amount of product that could potentially be out of specification. That is why having the right in line equipment is essential.

Used in a wide variety of applications

Maselli refractometers can be used in a wide variety of processes from food, beverage, dairy, sugar, confectionary and many more. There are a full list of applications available and feel free to contact us and one of our application engineers can give you information on the correct system and location for the best analysis.

Typical uses of process refractometers

Refractometers are able to analyse any binary liquid and provide a reading of that liquids concentration. You can even use refractometers for liquids other than food like pharmaceuticals and chemicals for example

Tips on choosing the right refractometer to meet your process needs

So hopefully we have helped you to see the benefit of process refractometers, so how do I choose the correct type and model for me. It will be very dependent on a few factors, the product to me measured, the accuracy you are trying to achieve, your budget and the process conditions. Luckily Maseli have an entire range of models to choose from starting with the UR62 basic refractometer all the way to the UR24 super accuracy model for high end higher accuracy applications. Normally the main designation for the model you need will be based on the required accuracy, this can vary from 0.02 brix to 0.1 brix over the entire range of models. Contact our team at JWII who would be more than happy to help you select the correct model based on your application needs, we have a project sheet we can send you to complete, that will have all the information we need to advise you.

Refractometers are an important diagnostic tool, they can benefit your process and help you optimise your product, if you would like some help we would be happy to give you some good advice. With our experience supplying refractometers since 1982 and Maselli manufacturing them since 1948 we are certain we will help point you in the right direction.


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