Steinfurth Foam Stability Tester

Steinfurth Foam Stability Tester


Product Description

Perfect automatic foam stability testing

Foam stability is an important beer quality parameter. Measuring foam stability, however, has been so far either laborious or inaccurate – or both.
The demand for an accurate and user-location independent stability measurement device led to the development of the automatic Steinfurth Foam Stability Tester (SFT).


  • The container (bottle or can) with the beer to be measured is connected to the Steinfurth Foam Stability.
  • Tester, using a sampling device (for example the Steinfurth Sampler).
  • The beer is moved into the SFT by CO2 pressure. The pressure is such that the beer doesn’t degasify inside the container.
  • The beer is ejected into the glass cylinder through a special constructed nozzle, converting it into foam.
  • Foam stability is calculated from the timing of the passing of the beer / foam boundary along some optical sensors.
  • Before every measuring, the cylinder is rinsed automatically. It is possible to start an automatic series of several consecutive and independent measuring from the same beer package.

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