Polispec NIRe, Inline/Portable NIR Spectrometer

Polispec NIRe
Polispec NIRe

Polispec NIRe is a latest generation spectrophotometer with the widest spectral range of the entire Polispec range.

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Product Description

The unique hardware and software design comes together to produce a high performance analyser in comparison to competitive systems in the market. The Polispec sensitivity, operational dynamics and signal quality are second to none. These qualities make Polispec NIR suitable for analysing very different matrices, from the most reflective to the most absorbent, without the need for different versions of the instrument for each application.

The casing is made entirely of anodised aluminum, and a large heat sink is located at the front removes the heat generated by the light source. Designed for reflectance analysis, this instrument integrates diffuse/0° acquisition optics and a system of automatic internal references which, when configured for portable mode, can be controlled by two buttons positioned on the body of the instrument itself.

The area framed by the collection optics is extremely large and particularly suitable for the analysis of whole and non-homogeneous products or even products in a dynamic process.

For in-process installation, adapters can be created in different shapes and materials to be able to adapt the Polispec to the process requirements.

The software interface is extremely simple, intuitive and compatible with different calibration suites for users who wish to develop their own chemometric models.

We have created the entire software infrastructure to be user friendly and also to interact with plant PLC systems or CAN protocols. Both the hardware and software configurations of the Polispec instrument range can be adapted for compatibility with different protocols and communication interfaces, so that the integration work is seamless for the user.

  • Dimensions: 21.6 x 21.3 x 8.5 cm (l x h x w)
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Material: Anodised aluminium (standard)
  • Ip degree: IP 68 (standard) IP 6X + IPX9K (on request)
  • Sensorcmos: InGaAs, 256 pixels, cooled with single Peltier stage
  • Feedback cooling control system: Feedback, stability t < 0,01 k
  • Spectrum range: 900-1700 nm
  • Average numerical resolution: 3.2 nm
  • Average optical resolution: 3.25 nm
  • Optical signal collection: Direct optical coupling
  • Supply: 12 Vdc power supply with power supply provided, interchangeable rechargeable battery
  • Maximum absorbed power: 20 W
  • Type of measurements: Reflectance/transmittance
  • Measurement geometry: Diffuse / 0°
  • Measurement references: Internal and automatic
  • Communication channels: also available in wifi + ethernet configuration Standard wifi + rs422 / rs485
  • Source type: Replaceable halogen lamp

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