ICS 610 (Inline Carbonation System)

ICS 610 (Inline Carbonation System)


Product Description

Small scale inline carbonation

Especially for small scale beverage production, carbonation systems can be a major expense factor.

The ICS 610 carbonation system offers the perfect price-to-performance ratio for the small scale carbonation and is easy built directly into the beverage line. It automatically adds the correct amount of carbon dioxide to the beverage.

The ICS 610 is designed especially for spritzers, sparkling wines, table waters and mixed beverages. A most remarkable feature of the device is the flow driven high efficient injection of the carbon dioxide into the beverage flow.

The ICS 610 is designed for every particular customer specification. It can be placed directly before the filler (requiring a small buffer tank) or better, between two tanks (the target tank must be pressurized for the CO2 to stay dissolved).

The rated diameter can be selected as well as the pipe connections. The device works purely pneumatically and doesn’t need any electric energy supply. The desired carbon dioxide concentration is set directly at the device itself. If product flow drops below a minimum flow rate, the device is automatically deactivated. When the product flow increases, carbonation is activated again.

The ICS 610 is made of high-grade materials which are approved for the high food and beverage industry standards and can be automatically cleaned during the standard CIP process.

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