Foam Control Technology For Beverage Packaging Lines

Foam Control Technology For Beverage Packaging Lines

Product Description

Beverage Bottle & Canning Filling Lines Increased Productivity, Reduced Beverage Losses, increased Filling Line Efficiency

  • Increased filling line speed (10- 50%)
  • Reduced beer extract losses by an average 1ml to 5ml per can or bottle
  • Increased Filling Speed (up to 50%)
  • Reduced bottle & can rejects due to under-fill, reduced waste treatment costs
  • Reduced CO2 consumption on bubble breakers, TPO levels remain the same or lower
  • Enhanced hygiene, reduced contamination on package and filler Designed for filling speeds up to 120,000 cans per hour & 80,000 bottles per hour

Foam Control Technology For Beverage Packaging Lines
Delivering a cost-effective solution for controlling excess fobbing and beer losses during the packaging process of beer can and bottle lines. Technology solution is clean, green and
energy efficient bringing the beer industry significant savings in productivity, reduced beer extract losses and waste, reduced water and CO2 consumption and greatly improved hygiene. A robust technology solution which can be easily installed on any type of beer bottle or can filling line. The system is automated to the filler with low energy and operation costs.

Foam control solutions that deliver significant savings for your filling line operations

Low energy cost, low operational cost, minimal down time for installation (less than 1 hour), fully automated to filler plc, stainless steel 316 material spec, IP67 water proof design, fully resistant to all chemicals during CIP cleaning process, polished steel surface for hygienic design.

Foam control solution can be installed on any type of bottle or can filler

In the filling process the need to create a foam to remove oxygen in the headspace often results in loss of product through foam overspill, often as much as 1% of the product. To date there has been no effective foam management solution available, making these product losses unavoidable. bubble-tech technology offers foam control technology to the brewing industry. The foam control solution has been installed on filling lines with major brewers globally delivering significant benefits and savings.

Cabinet: Steel cabinet wall or floor mounted 110-240v single phase, 12A Automated to filler plc

Transducer: Stainless steel 316 specification Resistant to all chemicals during CIP, Water proof design (IP67) Polished surface (hygienic design)

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