Gas and Flame Detection

World leading gas detection systems focussed on high quality sensors, with a complete support package including custom design.

detectable gases and detection limits to meet the wide-ranging requirements of our customers

Gas and flame detection

DEGA certified ISO 9001:2015 is one of the world’s leading gas detection system manufacturers. Focussed on high quality sensors with a complete support package including custom design, drawing commissioning and after sales service. JWII are pleased to bring the DEGA range of gas and flame detectors to the Australian market.

DEGA was established in 1982 as a technical unit producing the DEGA brand of gas and vapour detectors. DEGA manufactures one of the most popular systems for the detection of explosive, toxic gases, and vapours, which, even from the beginning of the company has been focussed primarily on product quality, comprehensive support, and service both during the design and implementation phase and during the entire lifetime of the system.

The production of the detection systems includes development, manufacture, testing, design support, installation, and servicing. Technical and business consulting activities, especially during the project preparation stage, have been the key to Degas success, in many cases providing free support for the design of detection systems for many of their clients.

The DEGA system and its peripheral security devices like alarm modules, visual and acoustic alarms, it is also possible to create complex and extensive emergency monitoring systems for working or living environments. The DEGA systems currently enable the implementation of one, two or multiple levels of detection of specified gases or vapours in an environment. The gas detectors can be designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres or for non-hazardous environments.

Common applications for our systems include natural gas, biogas, propane-butane, carbon monoxide, ammonia, acetylene, gasoline and oil vapour, Freon, toluene, alcohol vapour, oxygen, chlorine, and sulphur dioxide. The potential range of detectable gases, as well as the detection limits can be designed specific for the project and can meet the wide-ranging requirements of our customers.

Using the DEGA system for the detection of gas leakage, as well as the leakage of organic vapours, provides a basic warning and emergency protection system for industrial, agricultural or commercial premises where there is a risk of leakage or build-up of combustible or toxic gasses. Our systems can act as a precursor to a higher-level fire alarm system, and are also used for intrusion detection or for industrial instrumentation. In association with its peripherals, it also supports individual warning and action features and technology control.

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